TNA Impact! Wrestling: Styles Returns, Sets Match with Magnus for World Title

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IIJanuary 2, 2014

Magnus and the rest of his coronation celebrates after his World Heavyweight title victory.
Magnus and the rest of his coronation celebrates after his World Heavyweight title victory.TNA Impact! Wrestling

The Thursday, January 2 edition of TNA Impact! Wrestling, which aired from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, opened with a video package hyping Magnus' recent World Heavyweight title victory and his coronation that was scheduled to happen later on the show.

Kurt Angle kicked off the first Impact! Wrestling broadcast of 2014 by entering the ring. Angle declared 2013 as his worst year in professional wrestling. The Olympic gold medalist continued to speak about 2013, ranging from his feud with Aces & Eights to declining the TNA Hall of Fame nomination.

As Angle was about to speak again, Bobby Roode interrupted and came out to the ring. Angle announced that 2014 would be a rebound year for him and challenged Roode to another rematch. Roode demanded that Angle put his career on the line. Angle quickly accepted Roode's offer and requested that the battle not only take place at the Genesis special on Impact! Wrestling in Huntsville, AL, but also be a steel cage match.

After Roode accepted Angle's request, the two began brawling inside the ring. Rockstar Spud, followed by TNA security, ran to the ring to break up the fight. Spud announced that Roode and Angle would pick a tag team partner and square off later on Impact! Wrestling.

Backstage, TNA President Dixie Carter was handed a letter from an anonymous person that was unsigned. After a commercial break, Carter confronted Spud and asked him to find out any information he could.


Match No. 1: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne.

Your winner via pinfall: Madison Rayne.

Rayne looked pretty good in this match, as the crowd seemed pleased with her in-ring work by chanting "you still got it." It appears TNA may be positioning Rayne, who recently returned to Impact! Wrestling, to capture the Knockouts Championship after defeating Kim a second time. Decent and pretty basic Knockouts match.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Before the X-Division match, Angle met with Gunner backstage and asked him to be his partner later on Impact! Wrestling. Gunner gladly accepted, which caused some discomfort with James Storm.


Match No. 2: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries.

Your winner via pinfall and new X-Division champion: Chris Sabin.

Thanks to Velvet Sky's distraction, Sabin was able to capitalize and steal the belt away from Aries with a low blow. However, despite the win, Sky seemed extremely unhappy and shouted "I'm sorry" multiple times to Aries. Hopefully, TNA is turning the tide with the Sabin and Sky relationship, as she deserves to get back inside the ring and compete in the Knockouts division. Although Sabin and Sky have potential to play an effective heel couple, their partnership just isn't clicking in the right direction. 

Match Rating: 3/5. 


Match No. 3: Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum.

Your winner via submission: Samuel Shaw.

"Weird" would be the best word to describe this match. Shaw seemed like a movie character who was completely focused on ring announcer Christy Hemme throughout the whole match. This was an extremely interesting but awkward debut for Shaw.

Match Rating: 1/5.


Backstage, Storm asked Roode to be his tag team partner against Angle and Gunner. After Roode quickly declined, Storm said he would be out there as his partner or attack everyone inside the ring to send a message. 


Match No. 4: Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm.

Your winners via pinfall: Bobby Roode and James Storm.

After breaking up in late 2011, Roode and Storm partnered up once more with a special Beer Money reunion and didn't disappoint with the win. Roode and Storm quickly found their groove and even teased a Beer Money classic by shouting out the group's name after a double suplex. It will be interesting to see if TNA takes advantage of this opportunity, as the timing is just right for a Beer Money reformation. 

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Ethan Carter III came out to the ring and said he changed the face of wrestling in 2013. Carter III took credit for his tag team victory last week against Jeff Hardy and Sting. After challenging Hardy to a singles match, Sting came out instead.

Sting spoke up for Hardy and labeled Carter III as "Dixie's lap dog." Carter III, who stepped outside the ring and headed for the entrance way, walked back towards the ring and challenged Sting to a singles match at Genesis. 


Match No. 5: Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park.

Your winner via disqualification: Joseph Park.

Ray, who never moved from the side of the ring, kicked Park in the groin area, which caused the disqualification. Suddenly, Ray sprayed Park with lighter fluid from a bottle and attempted to set him on fire. After Ray pulled out a lighter, Mr. Anderson came out to the ring. Ray squirted lighter fluid on Mr. Anderson but left the ring before a commercial break. 

At this point, who knows where TNA is going with Ray's character.

Match Rating: 0/5.


Inside the ring, which was neatly decorated with a throne-like chair and England's flag, Spud and Carter III hyped Magnus' coronation. After speaking about Magnus' recent World Heavyweight Championship victory, Dixie Carter was introduced to join them inside the ring. The TNA President took control of the microphone and welcomed Magnus to the celebration.

Magnus, who received a chorus of boos, told the crowd to quiet down and listen. The World Heavyweight champion praised himself before thanking the rest of his coronation. Magnus also added that he would no longer take a back seat and expects to hold on to the title for a long period of time.

However, Gunner came out to the entrance way and held the briefcase high in the air before a final commercial break. After the break, Gunner announced that he was cashing in his briefcase for the World Heavyweight title. However, Carter refused to make the match happen and a brawl erupted.

Out of nowhere, AJ Styles made his TNA return by attacking Carter III and Spud with the World Heavyweight title. Styles challenged Magnus to a World Heavyweight title match next week on Impact! Wrestling. Despite Carter's plea to refuse, Magnus accepted Styles' winner-takes-all match as Impact! Wrestling faded to black.