Craig Biggio Deserves Hall of Fame Nod According to Outlandish Fan Video

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Craig Biggio helps all the bad nightmares go away. 

That, more than any sabermetric silliness, is why the former Houston Astros star deserves to waltz into the Hall of Fame with the confidence of a man who changed the sport's landscape. 

The posted video was uploaded to YouTube by Lloyd Richey and spotted recently by For the Win's Ted Berg, who contends Biggio is like some folk hero in this video. 

We would like to go one step further and proclaim this mythical Biggio as some Superman, touching the lives of all those with whom he comes in contact in an immensely positive manner. 

The best part is the assumption the year's most polarizing stories and characters abounded because Biggio is a man without a Hall of Fame bust: "The Pope quit, the government shut down, Miley Cyrus. Coincidence? Hell no!"

That's the kind of doom-and-gloom scenario that would have been useful prior to ballots being cast. Berg writes, in a previous article, that Biggio had 70.1 percent of the vote in early returns last year, but ultimately secured 68.2 percent when all votes were tallied

So the race for 75 percent continues anew. However, this year's ballot features at least a couple of former MLB stars many believe will cruise into the Hall. 

Berg notes that early returns for the current lot of legends seems optimistic for the likes of Biggio (80.8), Greg Maddux (100), Tom Glavine, (97.1) and Frank Thomas (90.4). 

If you are looking for more concrete reasons Biggio deserves the greatest of personal accomplishments in MLB, Bleacher Report's Zachary Rymer had this to say back in January of 2013, right before the infielder's eventual snub. 

Biggio, meanwhile, is a member of the 3,000-hit club, which history tells us is pretty much an automatic ticket to Cooperstown. And the best part about Biggio, of course, is that all the signs suggest that he did it the right way.

Biggio has no real ties to PEDs

He also played two decades for the same organization, compiling 2,850 games played, a lifetime .281 average and 291 home runs spread out over 3,060 hits. 

Yes, but he also serves as a nightmare sheriff, natural disaster security, impromptu band mate and, well, so much more. 

If you want to see what kind of year 2014 is going to be, check back when the official results come in. If Biggio is left off again, we may encourage you to head to your bomb shelters. 

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