Debate: Does the Cold-Weather Forecast Favor SF or GB?

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Debate: Does the Cold-Weather Forecast Favor SF or GB?
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The forecast for Sunday's playoff game projects sub-zero temperatures.  Who will the cold weather favor more?


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Packers will not be able to run on that team, Rodgers will have to throw and he will throw picks . Niners are the clock eating physical team that can ...
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Playing in the cold favors quarter backache with bigger hands, that's why Marino had little success. Aaron Rodgers' hands are an inch larger than kaep...
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If you have ever played in sub zero temps, and I grew up in them, it is a huge factor for anyone not used to it. Yes it will effect players from both ...
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I am more interested to see if harbaughs spit freezes on his face when he realizes he didn't get a 50/50 call by the referee!
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