Debate: Who's the More Innovated Play-Caller, Payton or Kelly?

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Debate: Who's the More Innovated Play-Caller, Payton or Kelly?
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With Saints and Eagles' offense both being explosive, which play-caller is more innovated, Sean Payton or Chip Kelly?


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Chip Kelly is the more innovative. Multiple plays from the same formation and a different offensive philosophy to anyone else. Payton I see less as in...
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Sean Payton, is that even a question? He always has a top 3 offense, turned castoff players that no one wanted into pro bowlers and 1k yard guys. Kell...
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Kelly 1st year head coach in NFC East champs playoffs hosting the Saints. Because of his offense mainly. Constantly gassing defenses (respirator styl...
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Its Chip Kelly,because he is doing things in the NFL right now that have never been done before,and I think he is only going to get better and better,...
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