Warriors Broadcaster Accidentally Calls Glen Davis 'Big Dick Baby' on Air

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBANational NBA Featured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2014

If you're not familiar with Golden State Warriors play-by-play voice Bob Fitzgerald, this would be the time to get to know his work.

It won't be long before this on-air slip starts makes Fitzgerald a star on the live-TV-gone-wrong circuit.

Midway through the second quarter of Golden State's 94-81 win over the Orlando Magic on Tuesday, Fitzgerald was trying to credit Magic forward Glen Davis for his defensive work on David Lee.

Only, the broadcaster didn't call him Glen Davis. Or his nickname, "Big Baby."

For some reason, his mind opted to go with "Big Dick Baby," or at least something that sounded uncomfortably close to that.

It seemed like he was more than ready to just go with Glen Davis in his commentary. But his mind sent him a message that names were a little too boring for a New Year's Eve broadcast.

This game needed some flair, some flash that a lopsided scoreboard wasn't going to provide. A veteran broadcaster, Fitzgerald saw the chance to liven up the game on his own with a lighthearted reference to Big Baby instead.

But his brain worked quicker than his vocal chords.

He almost wound up going with Big Davis, but he seemed to catch his mistake. Unfortunately, he caught it at a time that warped his words to the point that you almost expected a public acknowledgement of it after the fact.

"The disconnect between brain and tongue gave birth to 'Big Dick Baby' (or at least something that sounded like 'big dick' before stopping at 'big dih') just in time for the new year," Deadspin's Sean Newell wrote.

Something tells me Davis has been called worse. It wouldn't get the public relations clearance to go mainstream, but I'm guessing he'd take Fitzgerald's version over his regular Big Baby nickname. At the very least, it feels like this could be the break some entrepreneurial clothing designers were waiting for to enter the sports market.

As for Fitzgerald, this could actually be something worth keeping in his portfolio. He probably won't kickoff a contract negotiation with this clip, but it's one he should embrace, not run from. He never missed a beat, either unaware of his mistake or unwilling to let it harm the broadcast.

And in a way, he accomplished what he set out to do. This call will be remembered as the highlight of the night from that game.