Best Booking Scenarios for Daniel Bryan's Alliance with the Wyatt Family

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2014

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The Wyatt Family taking Daniel Bryan hostage is both beautiful and scary.

For weeks, we've been teased with a feud between the two. After the intense teasing of Kane joining the family (which would have made sense) and it never happening, I didn't think much of the taunts to Bryan. I figured it was done to kill time in the lull of the holiday period of programming.

However, based on the previous episode of Raw, it seems there is more to the story.

Bryan stumbled to Bray Wyatt like a baby learning to walk. The show went off the air giving you the impression The Wyatt Family has gained a new member.

If this is so, boy, what a way to potentially neutralize the hottest babyface in the company.

Bryan's words on the microphone were interesting. He said how the fans chant “YES” in every arena he goes to, but the machine still won't let him win. The machine being WWE. A true statement which, on one hand, comes off a shoot interview, but on the other, it seems like an intelligent storyline, as it seems someone gave him the green light to say this.

Raw ended, and I thought this was WWE's way to lull the fanfare for Bryan to make audible room for the interest of Batista and other big names returning for WrestleMania season. If this is the case, shame on WWE.

If you have money on the table in Bryan but hold him back due to it not being your idea, that's a big middle finger to the fans and your checkbook.

But I will acknowledge the possibility of this being a setup for a triumphant babyface run for Bryan sending him into WrestleMania against Triple H, Shawn Michaels or dare I say, the WWE Champion. He spends weeks mentally controlled by Wyatt until he escapes and elevates himself to a marquee match at WrestleMania.

If positive supreme booking comes out of this for Bryan, it will be an audible. I firmly believe while this booking of Bryan being brainwashed by the Wyatt's is creative on one level, it's also a slap in the face on another.

Take a look at CM Punk. Some of his recent actions suggest he is not entirely happy with how things are going in the WWE. We know he always shoots the truth at any chance he gets.

His comments on Twitter, which seemed to be connected to the whole AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle situation weeks ago, are a good example of Punk speaking his mind.

It's difficult to always try to do business the proper way with a company that refuses to practice the same standards.

— Coach (@CMPunk) December 12, 2013

How about his comments to the camera on Raw? He's always genuine when he speaks, and his entrance seemed to be no different. He said to the camera, “Everything is falling apart” just before screaming his trademark, “It's clobbering time” when he made his entrance.

Then, after the show ended with Bryan leaving with The Wyatt Family, Punk encouraged the fans to continue with the babyface treatment of Bryan.

To me, it all screams of an opinion from Punk that he sees the ridiculousness in some of WWE's booking, notably Bryan's, and wants to continue to show the powers to be the gem they have in their hands.

This plot with Wyatt could be a way to propel the trio as babyfaces, which they will be successful at eventually, but it shouldn't be right now.

Wyatt currently has Bryan following the buzzards, but he needs to preach to the WWE creative staff to follow the money.