Please, B/R: Stop with All the Randy Orton Hating!

T johnsonCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

What's up B/R! Your boy is back! I've been off here for a while, studying for finals and now that finals are over I am back.

But now to business. Since my recent departure a lot has happened in the WWE, including the release of Ken Kennedy.

Now many of you (Joe Burgett) feel like it's Randy Orton's fault that Ken Kennedy was released. From what I have heard, Orton was approached by a WWE official about a potential feud with Ken Kennedy and Orton scowled at the idea.

And by the way this was before Kennedy returned to Raw last Monday, this was may be around the beginning of the month when WWE was thinking of who Kennedy's return storyline was gonna be with.

Now I can understand Kennedy is a very popular superstar within the "WWE Universe" as well as here on B/R, but the man simply is no good.

He has great mic work, don't get me wrong, but there are many wrestlers with great mic work he aren't and never will be pushed to main event level as Kennedy was going to be.

Santino Marella, for example, may be has the best mic skills in the WWE today, and yet he's used for comedy.

Matt Striker had good ring work, but he's at the announce table on WWE's C show.

Of course, these two aren't as talented as Kennedy is, but I am sure they're not as dangerous as he is either.

Randy Orton is not to blame here, I mean what top star doesn't have some say in the company.

Even if Orton was the one to get Kennedy fired, Orton is on top now people, and Vince is going to do what he needs to do to make sure Orton is happy.

Just like he did with Hogan in the '80s, Austin in the '90s, and Triple H in the early 2000s.

So all I am saying is, quit with all the hatred towards Randy Orton! We are all living in the second Age of Orton, so lets just sit back and enjoy.