2007 Penn State Football

Ryan MooreCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2007

IconHello everybody, I'm Ryan and I'll be covering Penn State Nittany Lions Football this season.

Every week before every PSU matchup, I'll write a game preview with many features that will get you ready for the game.

After the game, I'll write my postgame wrap-up, which will also include many features that will conclude the week. Look for my pregame write-up on Thursdays and my post-game on Sundays.

I would have done a preseason story and stories about the FIU blowout on Saturday—but I just activated my account today, so check back on Thursday!

I will also try to add pictures of the games that I go to, to make my stories even better.

I look forward to covering Penn State Nittany Lions Football this season and I hope you read my stories each week and let me know how I am doing.