Analyzing How to Improve Triple H as Face of the Authority

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2014

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Triple H is the face of The Authority, WWE's ruling class.  Composed primarily of both him and wife Stephanie McMahon, The Authority controls the bulk of WWE programming.  From Monday Night Raw to Friday Night SmackDown, Triple H's assortment of executives are always at the ready to carry out his wishes at the expense of the WWE locker room.

But there is always room for improvement, and the same is true for The Game.  So what should be done to make Triple H better as WWE's big boss on TV?

From the start, I will say that what we witnessed on the last Raw of 2013 was a very good sign for Hunter's character.  Triple H stood in the middle of the ring and introduced Brock Lesnar, who was once again returning to the company.  

To say that fans were very surprised by this development is perhaps the understatement of this very young year.  After all, Brock and Hunter had their fair share of problems in the past, and it was their rivalry that led to one of the headlining matches of WrestleMania 29.

Their feud became very personal very quickly, thanks to Paul Heyman.  Lesnar's advocate dragged other McMahon family members into the angle, and soon the rivalry had very little to do with winning and losing.  It was all about revenge for Triple H as he was determined to stop Brock despite what he had to do.

And now he welcomes Brock back with open arms?

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While some fans likely shook their heads at that moment, I was very happy with what I was seeing.  The truth is that it was not logical to see The Game accept both Brock and Heyman back so easily.  He should have had a much more difficult time with the situation, and that is not what happened at all.

But let's not forget the rage that Hunter had at one time for Randy Orton and the very vicious feuds they had as a result of it.  To imagine them ever playing nice seemed like an impossibility.

Of course, they are now thick as thieves.  

Much like the situation with Brock Lesnar, Triple H has seemingly acted out of character and surprised the WWE faithful in the process.  But in both cases, The Game has defied logic and apparently done the wrong thing because he is supposed to make fans unhappy.  The crowd is not supposed to understand what his motives are or why he keeps mending bridges with former rivals.

The fact that he's made peace with Orton and now Lesnar despite what each man has done to him in the past is supposed to upset fans.  It adds to Hunter's heel character and separates him from the gutsy, no nonsense Triple H who wanted nothing more than to destroy both Randy and Brock.

So, this was a definite plus for him.  I was happy to see it happen.

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However, there is more than one issue that is perhaps preventing Triple H from becoming the most effective leader that he could be.  And one of those issues is his partner in crime, Stephanie McMahon.

While I don't have a problem with Stephanie being used in a high-profile role on TV once again, at times it does feel a bit much.  It's almost as if each one of them is just taking turns at coming out and getting heat with the crowd, even though it all serves the same purpose of getting The Authority over.

The fact that Stephanie is the boss' daughter is not lost on the crowd. Viewers are fully aware of who she is and the power that she possesses behind the scenes.  And that power has nothing to do with who her husband is.  Considering that WWE is her family's company, and Hunter has just married into it, the truth is that she will likely always have more power and influence than he will.

So every time she is used on TV instead of Triple H, I feel that it actually hurts his character.  The overall impact of what he says and does would mean so much more if he was the only visible representative of the McMahon family on TV.

After all, Vince McMahon is now rarely used on WWE programming, and much of his stroke has now transferred to his son-in-law.  I believe that Triple H needs more of the same.

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Another issue that I did not feel helped Triple H very much was the night that Shawn Michaels turned heel on Daniel Bryan.

Bryan was mere moments away from seemingly winning the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell when a minor scuffle with Triple H ensued.  Suddenly, special guest referee Shawn Michaels delivered Sweet Chin Music to an unsuspecting Bryan, allowing Orton to get the win.

The fact that The Heartbreak Kid turned the tables on Bryan because of his best friend Triple H did not sit very well with me.  Shawn is no longer an active performer, and for him to turn heel and get heat with the crowd when that heat could have been gained by Triple H did not make much sense to me.

And any rumors flying around that Shawn wanted to come out of retirement to face Daniel at WrestleMania 30 have apparently been squashed now.  Daniel is evidently a member of The Wyatt Family now, likely ruining any possibility of that match taking place.

So why wasn't that moment at Hell in a Cell used for Triple H's character instead?

In both instances, it seems Triple H was upstaged by someone else.  And to me, this is just hurting Hunter as the face of The Authority.  

Truth be told, a lot of good has been done at getting Triple H over as a heel authority figure. His disrespect toward Daniel Bryan and The Big Show firmly established that he was the real deal as the man in charge.  The fact that he preferred Randy Orton to be the WWE champion despite the litany of problems that the two men had in the past only strengthened his role.

But until Triple H becomes the unquestionable leader of the McMahon family on WWE programming, I do not believe he will be as fully effective as he could be.  Fans need that main heel to hate, the one who gets involved in one decision after another until the crowd is just absolutely sick of him.

WWE should not present Hunter as a closet heel that is ambiguous in his motivations and is trying to remain neutral.  Instead, it should portray him as the ultimate power-mad dictator that his father-in-law has played to perfection over the years.  This is the classic heel authority figure that WWE loves and that the fans respond to.  

And Triple H should be that heel.