JBL, Brandi Rhodes and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2014

JBL, Brandi Rhodes and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Praise for some of the top young stars from a future Hall of Famer!

    The return of a former WWE Diva and debut of a future one!

    An NXT Superstar travels with the WWE crew at this past weekend's house show tour!

    The news week may have been a lite one for developmental territory NXT, but that does not mean that there were not a few eyebrow-raising notes from the post-holiday week.

    From who John Bradshaw Layfield sees as potential breakout stars for World Wrestling Entertainment to the returning Diva who requested her own release from the company, there are more than a few tidbits deserving of your attention as we kick off the new year.

    Find out the latest news surrounding Adrian Neville, Paige, Danny Burch, Brandi Rhodes, Sarah Backman and Aiden English in this week's latest WWE developmental news.

JBL Praises NXT Stars

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    Photo Credit: WWE.com

    Recently, John Bradshaw Layfield had the opportunity to speak with The Damn Good Wrestling podcast. During the interview (transcript from WrestlingInc.com), he was asked about NXT and which Superstars he sees as potential stars on the main roster.

    Layfield, the on-screen general manager of the developmental brand, discussed three young stars he took notice to:

    Adrian Neville. Not a doubt in my mind. I think he's just phenomenal. I don't know about his promo skills as I haven't seen them as much, but he's a guy who could go out there and perform on any card, anywhere in the world and be a help to that card. I would love to see him up in the WWE. He'll be there I just don't know the time frame.

    I believe Paige will be a big star, but as far as shaking up the (divas) division goes that remains to be seen. I hope she does but you don't know until they get there.

    Danny Burch, I saw him cut a promo the other day which I thought was phenomenal. In fact I told him afterwards that it was one of the best promos I've heard done in recent memory. Danny Burch, I'm a big fan of his I think he will do well it's just a matter of finding a spot for him.

    Neville and Paige's work has been praised by fans for the past year while their placement on the NXT television show indicates that WWE sees the same sort of potential in them that the former WWE champion does.

    The praise for Burch is interesting because fans have not been exposed to the raw Brit as much as they have Neville and Paige. While he has appeared in a competitive match or two, he has yet to be given the opportunity to shine on the microphone.

    Layfield, a talented talker himself, would be as good a judge as any given the fact that he is around the talent behind the scenes as well as on camera.

    His positive comments regarding Burch could very well catch the eyes of some key figures in power and result in the young talent receiving a break in the near future.

    It will be up to him to make the most of said break, if or when it comes.

Brandi Rhodes Returns to WWE

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    Brandi Rhodes, the wife of current WWE tag team champion Cody Rhodes, made her return to the company on December 19 at NXT's final show at the former FCW Arena, per a report from WrestlingInc.com.

    Rhodes last appeared for World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011 when she was the ring announcer for both NXT and Superstars.

    She left the company in December of that year at her own request.

    It is interesting that she made her return to the company so late in the year when an appearance during the Rhodes family drama that wrapped up back in October could have enhanced the story even more and further added drama to an already-hot angle.

    It remains to be seen whether Rhodes will train for an in-ring career or if she will serve as an on-air personality, as she did two years ago.

    Also of note in the report is that Swedish arm wrestling champion Sarah Backman made her debut in developmental as well.

    She, like Rhodes, was involved in an in-ring segment as one of Santa's little helpers.

Aiden English Travels With the Main Roster

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    Per a report from WrestlingInc.com, NXT's resident "artiste" Aiden English traveled with the main roster at this past weekend's WWE Holiday Tour: "WWE NXT star Aiden English is on the road with WWE this weekend. He was backstage for last night's live event in Chicago but not used."

    It is disappointing for English that he was not used at the event, which emanated from his hometown of Chicago. 

    The NXT standout has gotten progressively more over with the audience thanks to his gimmick, which sees him sing (quite well, actually) to the ring before matches. After those matches, if he is victorious, he gifts the audience an encore performance.

    While he is a solid in-ring worker, his performance in the gimmick has been outstanding. The character would get over as easily in front of 15,000 fans on Raw as easily as it does in front of a few hundred on NXT thanks to the conviction with which he performs.

    One of the potential breakout stars of NXT in 2014, the fact that he even traveled with the main roster is a testament to the talent of the individual and the promise the company sees in him.