NBA Playoffs 2008: Battle of the Fittest

Sammy BenitezContributor IApril 22, 2008

The time has come. The NBA Playoffs have begun. The hype is getting bigger and the action is becoming more intense. We have witnessed teams playing thier hardest for one goal: The nba finals. But only two teams can make it there. Two teams with heart and valor.

Round 1 has begun and here are my predictions:

Eastern Conference:

Celtics will beat the Hawks in 4 games.

Cavaliers will beat the Wizards in 6 games.

Magic will beat Raptors in 7 games.

Pistons will beat 76ers in 7 games.


Western Conference:

Lakers will beat Nuggets in 5 games.

Jazz will beat Rockets in 4 games.

Suns will beat spurs in 7 games.

Hornets will beat Mavericks in 6 games.


That's my prediction. Got anything to say? Comment  me so we can argue a little.