WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Analyzing the Possibility of Rumored Returns at PPV

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistDecember 31, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Analyzing the Possibility of Rumored Returns at PPV

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    When it comes to the Royal Rumble, you are normally guaranteed one thing—returning WWE Superstars.

    Whether it is a one-off appearance like The Godfather in 2013, or a permanent return such as Chris Jericho's last year, there are a variety of options available for the fans to dispute over in the buildup to the Royal Rumble.

    Some are hotly rumored to return, whilst some are far more obscure than the others. There is a whole host of reasoning behind the rumors, and some may well turn out to be nothing more than red herrings.

    So, lets take a look at the possibility of those returns at the Royal Rumble.


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    It's no doubt been done to death, and many people will be bored of hearing Goldberg's name associated with potential returns to the WWE.

    With WrestleMania season just around the corner though, now is the time for Goldberg to return—if he ever will.

    But will he? The chances are unlikely—the guy is now 48 and has been inactive in top level wrestling for a long period of time.

    Who WWE could bring him back to feud with is another dilemma that suggests a return is unlikely.

Evan Bourne

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    Everyone remember Evan Bourne? The high flyer has been out of action for what feels like forever, and injuries combined with suspensions from the WWE have put some serious dents in Bourne's WWE career.

    A return seemed unlikely, and more than likely out of everyone's mind until a couple of days ago, when Bourne tweeted this, via his official Twitter account:

    My favorite Annual PPV will always and forever be 's Royal Rumble. Wait, that gives me an idea...

    It would certainly take everyone by surprise if Bourne returned at the Royal Rumble.

    It could be likely, though. Whilst it wouldn't be the most exciting return in terms of potential crowd reactions, it would add another solid Superstar to a match they would thrive in.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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    Speculation has been mounting for months now, since Roberts announced it was his intention to try and earn a place in the Royal Rumble.

    However, recently he issued a statement that seems to have watered down any potential opportunities of a remarkable return for Roberts.

    There is often a Superstar from days gone by that enters the Royal Rumble, and Roberts does still seem like the most likely option.

    His statement could be a complete swerve in order to throw everyone off the scent of a Royal Rumble return. Personally, I'd love it if that were the case.


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    Since the Summer of 2013, Sheamus has been out of action with a torn labrum. His return seemed to have been on the cards for months, but perhaps WWE was keeping his return quiet in order to bring him back in style.

    With Sheamus confirmed as attending a convention in Pittsburgh—the same city where the Royal Rumble is being held—on the weekend of the show, it seems like his exile is about to end.

    If Sheamus isn't brought back at the Royal Rumble, it is hard to imagine when he will ever be better placed to come back.

    It gives the Irishman a couple of months to go through a program with a Superstar in the buildup to WrestleMania—and there is the possibility of The Celtic Warrior even winning the Rumble.

    Expect to see Sheamus at the Royal Rumble.

Chris Jericho

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    Like Sheamus, Chris Jericho is another who appears to have given the game away in terms of his return at the Royal Rumble.

    That is because Y2J is also booked in to attend the same convention that Sheamus is attending—leading to the likelihood of Jericho being another surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

    Jericho was a surprise entrant to the Rumble in 2013—and it worked to great effect—so why not again in 2014?

    With his busy schedule touring with Fozzy, this is the perfect time for Chris Jericho to return to the WWE.