LeBron James Good at Volleyball Too, Spikes Sweet Pass to Teammate

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LeBron James does more than play basketball, even when he's actually playing basketball.

The Chosen One is also a wearer of headbands, famed holiday host and avid football fan.

He's been known to photobomb atomically, too.

Mostly, though, King James is an NBA superstar who occasionally moonlights as a volleyball maven.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Miami Heat's 97-94 victory over the Denver Nuggets, LeBron, who turned 29 on this night, completed a (near) full-court pass that put all other (near) full-court passes to shame.

After Chris Bosh swatted away Wilson Chandler's shot attempt, there was a brief scramble for the ball. Both J.J. Hickson and LeBron gave chase, but it was the latter who, shall we say, outmaneuvered the former.

Recognizing Mario Chalmers was already running the floor, LeBron spiked the ball downcourt into his point guard's hands. Not threw, heaved or tapped. Spiked.

Chalmers was ultimately fouled by Ty Lawson, thus ruining what would've been one hell of an assist, but LeBron's craftiness still stands. 

More than a decade into his illustrious career, he continues to take pedestrian plays—like mad dashes for loose balls—and turn them into highlight reels for us to enjoy on loops. Here he was, on his birthday, showering us with gifts.

Yes, plural.

This sweet pass wasn't all he treated fans to. His entire night was one protracted present, headlined by a 26-point, 10-assist stat line worthy of postgame birthday cake.

"No, it's not special," LeBron said of the win and his performance, per the Associated Press (via ESPN). "It's special to go out there with my teammates, to be back in good form and be out there and help them win a ballgame on the road."

Come now, LeBron. No need to be coy. We're all friends here. 

This was a special performance from a special player that included a very special beach-volleyball-meets-lateral-high-five-type pass.

This was LeBron, showcasing his talent and resourcefulness, just like he always does.

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