WWE: Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Why It's Hard to Get Invested in Stories Now

Shalaj LawaniaSenior Analyst IJanuary 2, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Fresh from a controversial Raw, this would probably be the worst time for this piece, yet also the most appropriate. Even though it pains me to be the spoilsport or a (in WWE terms)#BadNewsBarrett, concern needs to voiced over the history of storyline progression in WWE's flagship show.

I'm a stickler for well-paced feuds that leave you wanting more instead of giving you everything in a few weeks. That's good for viewer suspense and anticipation, and positively affects the show you're trying to improve.

If Bray Wyatt wants Daniel Bryan inducted in his inhuman cult, then he should regularly flatten the Beard of the Year, while exposing the Machine's indifference and solidifying his claims. That's good, and it deserves to play out at this pace.

The only thing I fear is the end. The worst thing would be to sit through weeks of Bryan demolition and then watch the Wyatts fade out from the feud because Bryan is now mad at someone else. It shouldn't happen, but it does.

The Summer of Punk engulfed WWE in a dome of anticipation, excitement and rebelliousness. CM Punk's vicious verbal jabs united the fans against an image WWE was trying to portray. This was what we wanted, and CM Punk was our harbinger of justice.

This story progressed further with the firing of Vince McMahon and his biased domination and CM Punk now had to contend with Kevin Nash. Weeks of teasing and taunting however, led to nothing and suddenly Punk got his chance to directly confront the new WWE COO. 

A major PPV loss later, Punk fizzled out and the Kevin Nash forgot he had a beef. The Summer of Punk that threatened a change in monotony and teased a bright future led to nothing.

Much more recently, fans sat through months of Daniel Bryan getting trampled by the Shield, Randy Orton, The Authority and even Big Show. All this was meant to build to that one big showdown, when Triple H would get that running dropkick he highly deserves. However, after weeks of torturing Daniel Bryan, he faded out of the story and left this story incomplete. 

Even Big Show spent months shedding The World's Biggest Tears and portraying drama that was only acceptable because it promised revenge later. However, one shifty loss at a PPV and he started fighting for the Tag Team Titles, the Triple H-Big Show tension completely unforgotten.

This has been a recurring theme of feuds involving Triple H. The King of Kings, who apparently "ruled the Attitude Era with an iron fist" made to come on top of every feud and look perennially cool has to be a shocker, right?

Twice two members of the WWE roster have been abducted by the Wyatt Family only to return completely unscathed. The "Wait And See Where It Goes" tactic is usually a good one, and one that WWE needed a few years back when titles changed hands like Damien Sandow changed shirt designs. But the catch is that it has to go somewhere if you employ that tactic. Contrary to popular belief, not all WWE fans have a short memory. 

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