Reporter Faints During Cross Country Interview but Finishes the Job Like a Champ

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 30, 2013

Reporter Brooke Graham had a job to do, and she wasn't about to let something silly like momentary unconsciousness get in her way of doing it. 

For the Win's Nick Schwartz spotted this video of the KUTV reporter (Utah), speaking with a couple referred to as "Richard and Katie" of the Utah Nordic Alliance. 

At the very start of what was supposed to be a whimsical foray into cross-country skiing, Graham seems to lose her bearings and passes out. 

Graham states right before fainting, "You guys are teaching me how to cross-country ski, so give us some basics." In a scary turn, Graham collapses and seems to knock her head fairly hard on the ground. 

If ever there was a moment to cut away and call it a day on the interview, this would be it. Ah, but Graham is a trooper and wants the world to learn a bit more about this sport. 

Richard immediately attempts to help the reporter, who is already sitting up, preparing to finish the job with some more questions. 

Amid laughter, she continues, "OK, now I'm gonna pass it back to you guys, because I just slipped and fell. Now, we'll have more, but tell people the basics of coming up here and paying seven dollars...You just come up; you pay seven dollars. Anybody can come up here."

Richard, presumably shaken, decides to take his cue from this seasoned veteran and divulges all the info people need to enjoy an arduous romp through the snow themselves. 

Thankfully, Graham seems to be doing just fine. She took to Twitter to allay fans' fears:

@lakia4 I'm fine, and I'm pretty sure he will. Crazy experience! Haha

— Brooke Graham (@Brooke_Graham_) December 30, 2013

As Schwartz noted, Graham went a bit further in her personal blog

So I passed out during my live shot this Saturday. As in, went down HARD on live TV! Ha, such a crazy experience.  A lot of people have expressed concern and well wishes and I really appreciate it. However, this is not the first time I have passed out cold. I am known to faint any time I am in high altitudes and get too cold. (so does my twin sister Britt) So this week I plan to go get checked out by a doctor and get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we can all laugh at the craziness of the situation! I have laughed many times watching this video so don’t feel bad if it makes you giggle.

She goes on to state that Richard, the president of the Nordic Alliance, stayed by her side that morning to make sure she was doing well. 

The most impressive part might be: "After I went down I sat up and had no idea how long I had been out but saw the camera pointed at my face and decided to keep on talking!"

She did more than talk, because she actually turned a rather peculiar report into an unforgettable one, giving us all confidence that she has quite the future. 

Call her a champ, a good trooper or just damn good at her job. You would be correct on all counts. Bravo, Brooke, and we hope you feel better soon. 


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