Report: Vincent Tan Wants to Buy Players with 8 in Their Birthdate for Cardiff

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterDecember 30, 2013

Cardiff City's owner Vincent Tan is keen on players who have the number eight in their birthdate because it's a lucky number in Asian culture, a journalist has claimed.

The Sun's Charlie Wyett made the statement while appearing on Sky Sports' Sunday Supplement show—you can see him talk about Tan at 1:35 into the YouTube clip above.

In amongst talk of Tan's foibles, Wyett said the following:

There are other quirks as well: I think he was very keen on players with the number 8 in their birthdate. It’s a lucky number. So if you were born on August 8th 1988, you’d be a Cardiff regular. Crazy.

Tan's reign as chairman has been successful if controversial. Their decision to change the team's colours from blue to red, for instance, has never been forgiven by many of the team's loyal fans.

Just at the weekend he was also spotted by television cameras appearing to boo his own team after Cardiff surrendered a 2-0 lead at home to Sunderland, with 83rd- and 95th-minute strikes rescuing a 2-2 draw for the Black Cats.

Cardiff manager Malky Mackay, a popular figure at the club after getting the team promoted to the Premier League this season, was sacked last week.

No manager has yet been appointed to take his place, but whether the above claim is true or just part of the aura that currently surrounds the eccentric Tan, it would certainly be a brave boss who takes the reins under the Malaysian.