Sports Fans Getting Owned

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2013

Sports Fans Getting Owned

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    I don't have to tell you that it's not easy to be a sports fan.

    Between the heartaches of losses, players traded or leaving through free agency and coaches getting fired, cheering for your favorite team can be quite the chore.

    Making matters worse, though, is when actually at a sporting event and fans get a little bit too involved in the action, finding themselves right in the middle of a line drive or a tackle on the football field.

    And these are some of the worst moments of sports fans getting owned.

Cleveland Browns Fan Is a Tackle Dummy

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    When rushing the field, might I suggest not heading toward a mad man—like James Harrison—who would love nothing more than to pummel you on the frozen turf.

    This Cleveland Browns fan probably could have used that advice prior to drunkenly rushing the field during a Browns-Steelers game a few years ago.

    He said he didn't get hurt, but being bodyslammed by a pro football player has to sting a little bit.

Not the Right Kind of Headbutt

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    As most fans know, when at a sporting event, it's crucial to keep both eyes on the action in order to avoid a lack of concentration for fear that an object might just find your seat.

    This dude wasn't as on top of things as he should have been, though, getting pelted in the face by a soccer ball.

    Needless to say, this is not the type of header he was expecting to see when he entered the stadium that day.

Michael Boley Doesn't Play Around

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    Standing on the sideline of an NFL game has to be a thrill that this kid was amped up about being a part of.

    Seeing the hits and hearing the sounds that close to the action is a rare opportunity for most fans.

    And so is getting nailed by a football from one of the players, as this fan experienced after Michael Boley's fumble return for a touchdown a few years ago.

    Boley showed that he had quite the arm, so maybe the Yankees should call him up for some help in their rotation. 

The Durantula Bites a Fan

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    OK, so this one might not have come in the heat of battle—the fan was sitting in his seat and unexpectedly got a lap full of a pro athlete—but this guy still got owned nevertheless.

    Just as we saw from LeBron James following a fan's half-court shot to win some cash, Kevin Durant tackled the shot-caller by taking him to the ground faster than a wrestler in a WWE Championship match.

    It's cool to see millionaire stars do this kind of stuff.

Tony Snell's Revenge

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    After being heckled one game by a group of New York Knicks fans, Chicago Bulls player Tony Snell got a bit of unplanned revenge on the front-row rabble-rousers later in a game a few weeks ago.

    Diving after a loose ball, Snell went head first into the stands, sending all 6'7" and 200 pounds into the lap of a dad.

    That's no joke, so props to the guy for holding his own and protecting the kids from Snell.

Shattering Trash Talk

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    Although getting a pro athlete to land in your lap is pretty bad, having a guy shatter the glass in front of you because you're so obnoxious might take the cake for heckling.

    Take this Philadelphia Flyers fan who was really laying into Buffalo Sabres defenceman Tyler Myers a few years ago, leading to Myers firing multiple pucks at the guy—and actually shattering the glass.

    Dude may not have gotten hurt, but he can thank the protective glass for not getting a mouthful of puck.

Green Bay Fan Feels the Frozen Tundra

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    Known for having "frozen tundra," Lambeau Field has had its fair share of great cold-weather moments over the years.

    Most of those involved actual football plays, but this one involved a fan getting absolutely smashed to the ground to experience what the iced field really feels like.

    Getting lit up by Packers linebacker Brad Jones, the fan got an all-access pass into what it feels like to be in the NFL—well, without wearing pads, that is.

Who Pulled the Netminder?

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    Talk about bad luck.

    After scoring seats to sit behind home plate for a major league baseball game, this poor lady learned firsthand why it's important to always keep an eye on the ball—because it might just come flying back at you.

    Taking a foul ball off the shoulder can't feel good, so hopefully this lady wasn't hurt too bad.

Orioles Fan Gets Tagged out by Umpire

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    I'm guessing that controlling drunk fans isn't quite in the job description of a major league umpire. But that didn't stop Jeff Kellogg from taking matters into his own hands after one Orioles fan got a bit rowdier than he needed to when he rushed the field and tried crossing home plate.

    Kellogg wrapped the shirtless dude up, and then escorted him to the cops.

    That's one call every fan probably applauded the ump for.

Shaq Takes a Dive

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    This has to be scary as hell.

    Weighing in at over 300 pounds and standing over 7'0" tall, former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal was a handful for any opposing player.

    So I could only imagine what it'd be like seeing him fly at me while sitting in one of the front rows during a sporting event.

    It'd probably be something like getting hit by a beer truck or something.

Just About a Major Hook

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    Tiger Woods might be the most dominant golfer in the world, but even he can't avoid an occasional hook or slice off the tee.

    One of his worst shots came here, when he hooked a drive into the gallery, promptly hitting a spectator in the side of the face.

    That's can't feel good—though I'm sure it was cool to have Tiger come up and apologize for it.

Error on the Boston Red Sox Fan

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    This Boston Red Sox fan reminds us to always watch out for those nasty short hops, because, sometimes, the result is a bouncer right on the chin.

    And while this dude sits back down with a grin on his face after getting nailed by the foul ball, I bet he was hurting deep down—both in the face and his ego, as he just got owned for not staying down on that grounder.

A Bad Boyfriend Bails

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    OK, so maybe chivalry really is dead!?!

    After a line-drive foul ball came whistling toward these two Houston Astros fans a few years back, this bro got cold feet and hopped out of the way in his attempt to catch it, letting it hit his date squarely in the chest.

    Using the "I lost it in the lights" excuse made it even worse.

Don't Taze Me, Bro!

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    Still one of the finest displays of a fan getting absolutely demolished at a sporting event, Philadelphia Phillies fan Steve Consalvi found out what it was like to have a bunch of electric volts go through his body.

    Avoiding security and getting the crowd behind you is a must while rushing the field. But once the cops caught Consalvi, well, it was "shocking" for him, as he got tazed on the field in front of a packed house.

    But hey, at least he got a web redemption on Tosh.0.

Gerald Henderson's Errant Pass

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    I can't necessarily blame the Charlotte Bobcats' Gerald Henderson for his errant pass that nailed a poor fan in the head.


    Well, technically, she was open.

    Plus, who knows, judging by how awful the Bobcats have been over the past few seasons, there's a good chance the lady on the receiving end actually had more game than some of Henderson's teammates.

    Unfortunately, this girl wasn't able to handle the pass and pop a quick shot.

'The Play'

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    It's arguably one of the most unbelievable plays ever seen on a football field, but when the Stanford band rushed the field prematurely during a rivalry game against Cal back in 1982, who would have known it'd also give us one of the best fan moments in history, too?

    As great as the play itself was, had Cal player Kevin Moen not nailed Stanford band member Gary Tyrrell, "The Play" would have been lacking the perfect ending that we all know it to have.

Diamondbacks Girl Gets Nailed

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    What's with all these guys leaving their girlfriends out to dry on baseballs coming their way?

    Just as I showed a few slides earlier with a couple of Houston Astros fans, one Arizona Diamondbacks supporter found out what it feels like to take a baseball to the face after it travels 400-plus feet.

    The girl seems to shake it off OK, but she should really toss an elbow into her dude's face to let him know what it really felt like.

    Come on, man, you can't bail like that.

Full-Court Fail

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    I know it's been a few years, but, hands down, this is still the best moment of a sports fan just getting completely owned.

    Even after watching this hundreds of times, I swear it makes me laugh out loud, as this poor, unassuming kid takes a full-court heave to the noggin during a basketball game.

    The combination of the reactions from parents in the stands with the flying body of the young kid just makes this one that has to be watched over and over—even if it came at the expense of a kindergartner.