They're Still Playing Baseball, Brawling Down in Australia

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 30, 2013

A tip of the hat to Australia for saving us from a December dearth of baseball brawls. 

Busted Coverage spotted this video fresh from the Australian Baseball League this past weekend. In Australia, up is down, left is right and baseball doesn't really get heated until December 28. 

That's when the Sydney Blue Sox welcomed the Brisbane Bandits for some sunshine, frivolity and catchers going Boom! at home. 

The Blue Sox's official website has a report on the play at home and subsequent cheap shot from an opposing player. 

First, we get to see a huge collision at the plate, which should please you baseball purists in the audience. As many of you are no doubt aware, similar feats may have seen their day come and go in MLB

In the fourth inning of an eventual Blue Sox loss, 9-2, the Bandits' Patrick Leonard collided with catcher Danny Arribas in a hit one announcer describes as "fair enough" and "a bit of baseball."

What's not baseball is getting a shove to the face when you least expect it, and that's essentially what happened to Arribas, who popped up after dropping the ball to square off with Leonard. 

The man with an itch to get in on the festivities was Josh Roberts, and the Bandits outfielder paid dearly for what can only be described as a cheap shot to the head. 

Roberts was served a record six-game suspension, "the largest penalty issued in ABL history," according to Kate Orme, a writer for the Blue Sox. 

It seems the announcer was correct in his assessment when he proclaims, "I'm sorry but you've got to go, and you've got to go for a reasonable amount of time."

Roberts now has a vacation of sorts to reflect on his cheap shot, giving him ample time to remember that next time he should just get the opposing player in a headlock like a true gentleman


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