Rice's Offensive Line Practiced Amazingly Hilarious TD Celebrations Just in Case

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Presumably taking advice from Scar and his minions of hyenas, the big men on the Rice Owls offensive line are remaining prepared just in case one of them flies across the end zone with the football in their hands.

Deadspin's Tom Ley spotted the one video that will have you hoping beyond hope that things go awry just enough to have one particular offensive lineman scoring in Tuesday's Liberty Bowl featuring Rice and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. 

If that's the case, we might see an epic fishing-photo opportunity, a leapfrog chain or (dare we hope?) a photo booth. 

Senior center Nate Richards walks the Internet through the various celebrations Rice offensive linemen practiced throughout the year. 

Richards first asks us to imagine a world where the big guys on the field score with regularity and are actually allowed to drop some absurd celebrations right after. That is our kind of bizarro world. 

Now when the offense is done with their serious work for the day, the task at hand is frivolity: "We always run a play called 'Rugby,' and it's kind of a desperation play; you hope you never have to run it in a game." 

Or do you?

The only thing—and we really mean only thing—wrong with fat guy touchdowns is the manic manner they get the rock into the end zone. 

These guys have trained their entire lives to protect the quarterback and move the line forward, rarely imagining what life is like with all the glory in their own hands. 

Instead of loafing into the end zone, huffing and puffing with incredulity, we could use a little bit of creativity with the rest of the chubbier contingent on the field. 

Richards scoring, while extremely unlikely, would make for a highlight to end all highlights in this bowl season. 

Of course, the Liberty Bowl will come and go without the "Photo Booth," but that doesn't mean we haven't already set the DVR to record—because we learned from these young guys that it's always best to be prepared. 


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