UFC 168 Results: Jon Jones Comments on Anderson Silva and His Broken Leg

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2013

Jon Jones
Jon JonesEsther Lin/MMAFighting

Anderson Silva broke a leg onstage at UFC 168, literally, in what Jon Jones believes to be his final act as a fighter.

Like so many others, Jones looked on in horror as Silva fell to the canvas letting out blood-curdling screams after throwing a leg kick and breaking his leg against Chris Weidman on Saturday night.

Immediately after the fight, Silva was forced to undergo emergency surgery to repair a broken tibia and fibula in his left leg. According to a statement released by Zuffa on Sunday, the recovery time for such an injury usually varies between three and six months.

However, the primary concern for Silva rests in the rehabilitation process. It could take an incredibly long time before his leg returns to 100 percent. There is also the possibility he’s never the same again. Unfortunately, the latter possibility becomes even more realistic considering Silva’s age.

A comeback from an injury of this magnitude would be an Everest-like hurdle for a man in his 20s. What can people really expect from a 38-year-old Silva?

Over the years, Jones has really shown an affinity for Silva, who he considers one of his personal role models in MMA. In several heartfelt Twitter posts, he thanked Silva for years of entertainment and inspiration.

While he believes Silva’s fighting career is over, Jones is confident that the sky is the limit for “The Spider” in all other future endeavors.


There has been no official word as of now regarding Silva’s future in the UFC.  

One would have to question any motivation behind a possible return. There truly is nothing left to prove for Silva, who will already go down as arguably the greatest fighter in MMA history. It’s rare that an aging athlete is afforded the luxury of going out on top.

If anything, the injury and back-to-back losses to Weidman just prove the one thing fans have neglected all along: Anderson Silva is only human.