TNA Hardcore Justice 2013 Spoilers: Full Results and Reaction for Match Card

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2013

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TNA’s 2013 Hardcore Justice pay-per-view taping took place Sunday, Dec. 29 at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Mass., and will air at a later date that has not been announced yet.

For the fans who can’t wait to watch the show, here are all the spoilers you need.

The card itself looked very entertaining considering it has very few long-term implications—there is only so much progression that can be made on a pre-taped show—and the wrestling fans who value in-ring work over storylines will be treated to a stellar PPV.

With TNA mainstays like Kurt Angle, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode highlighting the event and the return of a hardcore legend like Tommy Dreamer, there is no question that this show will entertain even the most casual Impact Wrestling fans.

Here is a full list of matches, the spoiled winners for each and a reaction to the key moments at Hardcore Justice 2013.


Full Hardcore Justice Match Card and Spoilers
Matchup Stipulation Winner
Team Angle vs. Team Roode Lethal Lockdown Cage Match Team Angle
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson Last Man StandingBully Ray
Abyss and Eric Young vs. Christopher Daniels and KazarianFull Metal Mayhem Match Abyss and Eric Young
Austin Aries vs. Chris SabinSteel Cage X-Division Xscape Match Austin Aries
Lei D Tapa vs. Velvet SkyStreet Fight Lei D Tapa
Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy DreamerTables Match Ethan Carter III
Spoilers via

Spoilers via


Lethal Lockdown Goes Extreme

A Lethal Lockdown match consists of two teams that battle inside a steel cage. After one man from each team starts the bout, wrestlers are randomly selected at timed intervals to enter the cage for their respective team one at a time.

Once all the men in the match are in the cage, the first person to collect a pin or submission steals the victory for their group. Add in the hardcore stipulation, and this was reportedly a violent match that took the allure of Lethal Lockdown to the next level.

Team Angle—consisting of James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Abyss—ended up getting the victory over Team Roode—made up of Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, Magnus and Bobby Roode—when Abyss slammed Robbie E on a barbed wire board.

TNA not only furthered the storyline between Roode and Angle with this match, but it also continued to build to an eventual Samoa Joe vs. Magnus feud and featured another return for the monster Abyss.

This won’t be a technical marvel, but the hardcore element will make the match something all wrestling fans will find enjoyment watching.


Austin Aries Is Still the Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Austin Aries is the best all-around talent in TNA today; bar none. As the X-Division champion, Aries has taken one of the top spots on every card and steals the show every night.

According to the report, the best match of the night was Aries going head-to-head with Chris Sabin in an Xscape match for the X-Division Championship. The titleholder is one of the best workers in the world, and along with a skilled in-ring technician like Sabin, the two men have the ability to steal the show every time they square off.

That’s exactly what they did on Sunday night.

The inclusion of the cage in this match made it abundantly clear that one of these men were going to hit a huge move off the top of the steel structure, and the report claims that Aries hit Sabin with a hurricanrana from high above the ring.

This event will be worth the price for this match and spot alone.


Tommy Dreamer Does the Job

Tommy Dreamer is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time and has become synonymous with hardcore wrestling. As an ECW original and one of the most violent men in the business, any match he participates in is always highly anticipated.

Even if that bout is against Ethan Carter III.

ECIII has been built as one of the brightest young stars in TNA over the last several weeks, and a marquee tables match against a legend like Dreamer is a great way to build his resume as a future top talent in the company.

Add in the fact that Carter beat Dreamer at his own game, and Impact Wrestling is making the smartest choices with its booking. Kudos to Dreamer for helping put talent over.


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