Jose Mourinho and the Funniest Football Interviews Ever

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2013

Jose Mourinho and the Funniest Football Interviews Ever

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    Jose Mourinho was a busy man on Sunday. Not only did he guide his Chelsea side to a fiery 2-1 victory over fellow title contenders Liverpool, but he gave a very amusing interview to the BBC in which he scolded television pundits and accused Luis Suarez of performing an "acrobatic swimming pool jump."

    Before this press conference, Mou crashed a Sky Sports interview with David Luiz and Eden Hazard to drop some joke accusations. This moment leads our compilation of the funniest football interviews...  

Jose Mourinho Crashes David Luiz and Eden Hazard's Moment

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    Straight after Chelsea win over Liverpool on Sunday, David Luiz and Eden Hazard were speaking to Sky when Mourinho jumped in and pointed out the fact that the Brazilian's yellow card would keep him from playing on New Years Day.

    "He got a yellow card to be suspended against Southampton and goes to Portugal to enjoy," said the manager before dismissing the comment as a joke. But deep down, you know he wasn't really joking. 

Peter Neururer's Donald Duck Dialect

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    Peter Neururer is a respected manager in the Bundesliga, having enjoyed spells with Schalke, Cologne and Hannover.

    The current VfL Bochum boss somehow manages to retain credibility while giving interviews in a non-sensical Donald Duck dialect.

Harry Redknapp Gets Hit by a Rogue Ball

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    Warning: This clip contains NSFW language

    We're not ones to poke fun at an elderly man being unwittingly struck in the face by a football, but Harry Redknapp's reaction to this Portsmouth training ground incident is hilarious.

    The gaffer is completely unable to focus on the questions after he has been struck, adding an angry-but-witty "No wonder you're in the f*****g reserves!" to his retort.

    The interviewer deserves kudos for pressing on regardless, while Redknapp's refusal to identify the player also warrants credit. 

Berti Vogts Calls out Christian Dailly

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    Warning: This clip contains NSFW language

    While 'Arry may have kept the identity of his assailant secret in the previous clip, former Scotland manager Berti Vogts did no such thing here.

    Following a Euro 2004 qualifier against his native Germany, Scotland gaffer Vogts is punctuated by a yelp of "f*****g cheats!" from the background. Rather than letting this unprofessional conduct slide, Vogts reveals the identity of the unhappy player, admonishing defender Christian Dailly live on camera. 

Cristano Ronaldo's Offspring Interruption

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    Cristiano Ronaldo must travel all around the world for work, so one can only assume his contact time with son Cristiano Jr. is limited. 

    The youngster encouraged a few smirks and earned plenty of adorable points after Portugal's Ronaldo-inspired World Cup play-off victory over Sweden in November, when he interrupted an interview to ask his dad if he would be staying with him that evening. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes One-on-One with Anderson

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    Shortly after Manchester Utd had clinched the 2008-09 Premier League title with a goalless home draw against Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo channeled his inner football reporter by going tete-a-tete with Anderson. 

    C-Ron maintains composure during a live Sky Sports broadcast despite being showered with abuse and debris from his teammates, and gives Ron Burgundy a run for his money with a very professional sign-off. 

Neil Lennon Mans the Phones

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    Any football journalist worth his salt knows there is a golden rule to attending post-match press conferences: If you are using your iPhone as a dictaphone, set it to airplane mode so it doesn't start ringing in front of your subject.

    Scottish journo Michael Grant discovered this lesson the hard way when Neil Lennon took a few calls from his wife after a Celtic game in January 2013. 

Ian Holloway's 'Pulling' Analogy

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    You could lose days of your life watching hilarious interviews from Ian Holloway, so here is just a small selection from his oeuvre, a classic interview he gave while managing Queens Park Rangers.

    In it, Ollie relates the nuances of an ugly win to the lottery to a gentleman's chances during a night on the town.  

Walter Smith vs Chick Young

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    Warning: This clip contains NSFW language

    Dozens of managers have taken journalists to task over their line of questioning over the years—Joe Kinnear and Harry Redknapp have both given us NSFW examples—but this Walter Smith interview with Scottish pundit Chick Young from 1994 is a classic of the genre. 

    When Young asserted that Brian Laudrup wasn't good enough to play in Europe (even though he had won the Champions League the previous season with Milan), Smith proceeded to pooh-pooh his questions and assassinate his character. 

Zlatan Calls the Shots

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    For all his pomp and ego, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is actually a very funny and intelligent player, who is surely using his heightened self-conceit as an act for the media.

    Here's the mighty Swede decide that training only starts when he is ready, so the rest of his squad must wait until he has finished extolling his own virtues.

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