Former Nuggets Executive: Denver Player Once Too High for Playoff Practice

Andy BaileyFeatured ColumnistDecember 30, 2013

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Some players look for a pregame pick-me-up from an energy drink, some B vitamins, maybe even some fruit. Apparently, others opt for a joint.

In a Sunday article by Benjamin Hochman and Patrick Saunders in The Denver Post, Nuggets executive Rex Chapman revealed that one of the team's players did indeed get high on marijuana on the day of a game.

The specific story he shared was on a playoff game in 2010. From Hochman and Saunders:

It was the morning of a 2010 playoff game, and one of the Nuggets had just smoked some nuggets. As the team practiced, the player was so high that Rex Chapman, a team executive at the time, had to pull him aside to get him to focus.

In discussing the incident, Chapman insisted that plenty of people are guilty of smoking weed, but that didn't make it appropriate to do before a pregame practice:

Across all walks of life and in every profession, people smoke (marijuana). This is no secret, and pro sports are not exempt. But employers deserve and pay for A-plus employees. There is a time and place for everything. As a member of a team, guys owe it to their teammates to put their best foot forward.

The player in question was not named, but you're more than welcome to look up the 2009-10 squad if you feel like taking a stab at who this particular offender was.

For the record, that team featured Carmelo Anthony (charged with possession in 2004) and J.R. Smith (who tested positive in September).

We'll likely never know who exactly Chapman was referring to, but the report does shed some light on those years in Denver and the NBA as a whole.

Hochman and Saunders go on to discuss whether or not the NBA will adjust its stance on marijuana (it's currently banned) following its legalization in Colorado.


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