Vin Scully Disses Denver Nuggets

Frankie GraciContributor IJune 2, 2009

(12:19 am EST) BOSTON - 82-year-old L.A. Dodger's legend, Vin Scully, compared the Denver Nuggets to a circus? Crazy, I know. I had to rewind the DVR during the Dodgers-D'backs game, and listen to the words coming out of his mouth three more times so I could make sure that he said "outside a circus, have you ever seen as many tattoos as those Denver Nuggets? There must not be any ink left in Colorado. Oh well."


Obviously, the comment was made out of ignorance, but I wonder what the Denver Nuggets think about this. I hope Scully retracts that statement because he's a really nice man.

It's a different generation now than the 1940s when he was growing up. Both parents were in the house and parents talked to their children rather than abandon them. There's an epidemic in the black community regarding lack of male role models that I rather not get into tonight.

I just hope that Scully can one day understand that we now live in different times with different problems.