Under Armour All-America Game 2014: 10 Recruits with Best NFL Skill Sets

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IDecember 30, 2013

Under Armour All-America Game 2014: 10 Recruits with Best NFL Skill Sets

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    The 2014 Under Armour All-America Game takes place on Thursday, so get ready. Many of the country's best high school football players and future stars of college football will be on the field. Plus, a couple of major commitments will be made.

    Speaking of future stars, several recruits have advanced skill sets and NFL potential. These standouts have some varying combination of size, speed, instincts, quickness and athleticism to play professionally.

    A running back is the total package at his position, while several defensive backs already look like NFL prospects. Also, an offensive lineman and defensive tackle are on this list.


    Player evaluations are based on review of tape at Scout.comRivals and 247Sports

Jamal Adams, S

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    A 5-star safety from Texas, Jamal Adams should be all over the field on Thursday. He's 6'0" and just about 200 pounds. Plus, he has fantastic speed.

    Adams moves around in the secondary with ease, and displays outstanding instincts and vision. He can play both safety spots, plus some cornerback and linebacker. This guy is just an impressive player on tape.

    He's set to announce his decision during the game, according to Pat Tholey of 247Sports. Watch out for LSU.

Dalvin Cook, RB

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    Dalvin Cook is a 5-star running back who has a chance to reach the NFL in a few years. The 5'11", 190-pounder has solid strength, but his quickness, agility and burst are his best assets.

    Cook can blow by people with his speed, after he uses his rare acceleration to skate through alleys. He can jump-cut to shoot to the edges. Plus, he has the potential to develop into a good receiver out of the backfield.

    He will make a final decision between Florida, Florida State and Miami during the game, says Pat Tholey of 247Sports

Quin Blanding, S

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    Another talented 5-star safety with NFL skills scheduled to play in the game on Thursday is Quin Blanding. At 6'2" and 200 pounds, Blanding is close to being a complete player at his position.

    He plays with great awareness and instincts, evidenced by his ability to recognize routes quickly and not get manipulated by the eyes of the quarterback during a play. Blanding also has fantastic ball skills. Plus, he will roll into the box to work as an extra linebacker when needed.

    He is committed to Virginia. 

Speedy Noil, ATH/WR

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    If Speedy Noil gets to the NFL, it's likely going to be as a receiver. He has electric ability with the ball in his hands due to his outstanding speed, quickness and instincts.

    The 5-star recruit is a natural playmaker who is lethal in space. Noil can also do damage as a Wildcat quarterback, running back and returner. The 5'10.5", 176-pound New Orleans native is expected to announce for LSU on Thursday, says Pat Tholey of 247Sports

Marlon Humphrey, CB

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    At 6'1" and 175 pounds, 5-star prospect Marlon Humphrey already has the size NFL teams covet at the cornerback position. He also has the athleticism, awareness, instincts, anticipation and speed needed to impressively defend the perimeter.

    Hailing from Alabama, Humphrey has great length and the potential to be effective in press-man coverage. He has a good feel for routes in off-man coverage, too. Plus, he plays with range in zone schemes.

    He's scheduled to announce his decision between Florida State and Alabama on Feb. 1, per 247Sports

Andrew Brown, DT

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    Headed to Virginia, Andrew Brown is a 5-star defensive tackle who will terrorize ACC offenses for several years. He's 6'4" and is actually listed at 295 pounds on the Under Armour site's roster.

    Brown has great first-step quickness in the trenches, which allows him to jump on top of blockers at the snap. He plays like a beast at the point of attack due to his impressive strength, but he also has a deceptive surge to close on the ball.

    Once he becomes more consistent with his mitts, it wouldn't be surprising if he's a high pick in the draft.

Tony Brown, DB

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    Tony Brown has NFL potential at cornerback and safety. The Texas native has good size at 6'0" and 188 pounds, and he's one of the fastest players in the nation.

    Brown plays with admirable vision and instincts. He is not a robot on the field. He can press receivers with strength at the line. He's not rigid in space when working in off-man coverage, either.

    Brown can be used as a blitzer off the edge. Plus, he is willing to fill the alley when he plays safety.

    He's announcing his decision during the game on Thursday, according to Pat Tholey of 247Sports. Look for the 5-star recruit's pick to be LSU.

Cameron Robinson, OT

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    The NFL will eventually come calling for 5-star offensive tackle Cameron Robinson. From Louisiana, he's on pace to develop into a stud at Alabama.

    At 6'5" and 330 pounds, Robinson bends naturally at the knees and plays with excellent agility. He gets out of his stance quickly at the snap to deep-set to the post in a hurry in pass-protection. The left tackle prospect also is an effective down-blocker in the running game.

    Robinson is one of the best left tackle prospects in the past five years. 

Jabrill Peppers, ATH

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    If he stays healthy, 5-star athlete/defensive back Jabrill Peppers should be in the NFL in three years. At 6'1" and 205 pounds, the New Jersey native has an advanced skill set at the high school level.

    Peppers is an intelligent player who possesses exceptional instincts, awareness and anticipation. He's also a rare athlete who exhibits outstanding speed, strength, agility, quickness and movement skills.

    He's set to play cornerback for Michigan, but Peppers has the talent to get to the NFL as a safety, running back or receiver.

Leonard Fournette, RB

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    Leonard Fournette is another 5-star prospect who should be in the NFL in three years—if he stays healthy. The Louisiana native is close to being a finished product as a running back, so the clock is ticking on his body.

    At 6'1" and nearly 230 pounds, Fournette has great speed, strength, quickness, agility, power and vision. He can also catch the ball cleanly with his hands as a receiver in the passing game. Plus, he has a great work ethic.

    He's ready to play college football right now. Alabama, LSU and Texas will learn their fate with Fournette on Thursday, says Pat Tholey of 247Sports

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