Randy Orton Punts Ric Flair Out of His Misery as Batista Stands Confused

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 1, 2009

Randy Orton warned Ric Flair. I believe that he really does have pity for Ric and that's why he's allowed Flair to remain conscious for all of these weeks.

He should have known better, a legend like Flair.

You don't fight a Viper face-to-face, especially when you're supposed to be the dirtiest player in the game.

A Ric Flair devastated by one too many blows to the skull decided to let his instinct make the decisions for him.

His request: to fight Randy Orton in the parking lot.

Two weeks ago, Randy Orton punched Ric Flair in the face and that's all it took to take the old man out. Last week, even after being "sucker-slapped" by Ric Flair, Orton proceeded to beat him down before Batista tried to make it a two-on-one affair.

So what on earth made Ric Flair think that he had any chance of taking Randy Orton down this week?

Some might call it dementia but I'd call it stupidity.

To Flair's benefit, Randy Orton proved to be equally stupid as he decided to ignore Ted DiBiase's rational and opted to handle the situation the Batista-way.

That is, fighting someone face-to-face when it matters the least and you have nothing to gain, all for the glorification of your own ego while foolishly groveling for the crowd's affection.

Thankfully, the survival skills he's taught Legacy helped put his premature demise on hold as they decided to get involved in the fight which traveled ringside.

It was then that Randy Orton got his wits about him and proceeded to do exactly what he does best, let evolution pass by those who refuse to value intellect over brawn.

Don't pity Ric Flair, he's in a better place now. Hopefully, he wasn't conscious enough to see what his friend Dave Batista did before he got the last "wooo" kicked out of his skull.

Batista had the chance to save Ric Flair but didn't.

I'm not sure if it was his lack of proper brain function or if it was simply laziness but Batista chose to stand back and watch his mentor get punted in the skull like an old crippled dog.

All Batista had to do was climb the cage, but no, that wasn't going to happen. It looked as if he tried for a moment or two but he wasn't able to complete the task.

Now let me ask you this, if Batista couldn't figure out how to climb up the cage to save his best friend, how on earth would he be capable of holding the WWE Championship?

If the WWE does decide to wrongfully award Batista the WWE title, they might as well draft the Geico Cavemen to become the next Undisputed Tag Team Champions.