New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins: Live Grades and Analysis for Miami

Thomas GaliciaContributor IIDecember 29, 2013

Geno Smith leaps into the end zone in the second quarter to give New York a 14-7 lead.
Geno Smith leaps into the end zone in the second quarter to give New York a 14-7 lead.Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins (8-8) have lost to their AFC East rival New York Jets (8-8) by the score of 20-7, completing one of the most embarasing ends possible to what at times looked like a promising season. 

Miami is now officially out of the playoffs and will finish third in the AFC East. This two-week stretch should spark a change in Miami, but it likely won't due to the fact that—for the first time since 2008—Miami won't finish with a losing record. 


Miami Dolphins Game Grades
Position UnitFirst Half GradeGame Grade
Pass OffenseCD
Run OffenseCB
Run DefenseFF
Pass DefenseFF
Special TeamsBC
Week 17 vs. New York Jets

Game Analysis for the Miami Dolphins

Pass Offense: You could tell that Ryan Tannehill really missed Brian Hartline, as Wallace wasn’t able to get as open as he usually does, while the Dolphins had problems getting the ball to Charles Clay. Despite that, if Tannehill wanted to show us that he was the man for the future, he had to win this game.  

Run Offense:  The Dolphins actually ran the ball well, which usually means good things for this team. Sadly, not today.

Run Defense: This was a horrendous effort by the players.  

Pass Defense: See: the run defense.  

Special Teams: Brandon Fields makes the Pro Bowl, then plays his worst game of the season. Hey, if the rest of the team is going to crap the bed, why wouldn't its best player do the same?

Coaching: Last week I called Philbin, Sherman, Coyle et al. the Confederacy of Dunces. They really lived up to their title this afternoon with horrendous play-calling.

Stay tuned for my takeaways piece! 

The Jets backfield had holes this big all throughout the game.
The Jets backfield had holes this big all throughout the game.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

First-Half Analysis for the Miami Dolphins

Pass Offense: We’ve seen a bit of the good Ryan Tannehill and a bit of the bad Ryan Tannehill. The good Tannehill led a great 14-play, 89-yard drive that lasted almost seven minutes. The bad Tannehill missed Mike Wallace on an overthrown deep pass that could’ve put the game away early.  

Run Offense: Well, at least they’re trying to run the ball against one of the best run defenses in the NFL. The effort is good, and they’re not doing too bad, either.

Run Defense: Another day, another horrible performance by the Dolphins run defense.

Pass Defense: Geno Smith got hot in the second quarter. Geno Smith should never get hot. The pass defense gets an F based on this fact.

Special Teams: The good: Marcus Thigpen (rare, I know). The bad, Brandon Fields with an 18-yard punt. Yikes. Good thing it didn’t affect the Dolphins too much.

Coaching: Well, I don’t think they’re atrocious this week. In fact, the whole staff has called a fairly good game. It’s the execution that is lacking.