7 Current Divas Who Should Be on Season 2 of 'Total Divas'

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 29, 2013

7 Current Divas Who Should Be on Season 2 of 'Total Divas'

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    Summer Rae, future reality star?
    Summer Rae, future reality star?from WWE.com

    The second season of hit reality show Total Divas is due to start filming for E! soon. Per recent reports (Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Gerweck), WWE may be planning to revamp the cast. It appears that 19-year-old JoJo Offerman, who failed to make much of an impression in season one, may be first on the chopping block.

    Assuming this is accurate, which current Divas on the roster should management elect to put on the show next year?

    Considering the overall impact they would make, here are my seven predictions for current WWE female performers who could be big assets to the show.

7. Tamina Snuka

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    Tamina Snuka
    Tamina Snukafrom WWE.com

    If there's a woman in WWE who deserves more television exposure, it's hard-working star Tamina Snuka. She's been one of the most-underrated female wrestlers in the company for years now. So why not place her in the upcoming season of Total Divas?

    Similar to Natalya—whose profile and popularity skyrocketed due to her role on the show—Snuka could be greatly aided by allowing the masses to see a gentler, more sympathetic side of her personality.

6. Aksana

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    Aksanafrom WWE.com

    While things may quickly turn into a train wreck every time she takes a step into the ring, it's hard to argue that Aksana doesn't have a ton of personality and charisma. Alas, the company has chosen not to push her as a Sunny-like heel valet—a role she would no doubt thrive in—and insist on trying to make her a wrestler.

    Ideally, WWE will come to its senses and decide to play to the Lithuanian beauty's natural strengths by giving her a spot on Total Divas. If anyone could shake up the show, it's this girl.

5. Layla El

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    Layla El
    Layla Elfrom WWE.com

    Per reports (F4Wonline via Wrestling Inc), Layla El has been out of action recently due to an undisclosed medical issue. Hopefully, the 36-year-old can rebound from whatever issues she's having and stage a grand comeback in 2014.

    A run on Total Divas doesn't seem out of the question, either: Layla could play the veteran role, something the show is currently lacking.

    She could also use her time on the show to give viewers some interesting insight into the challenges of being an older woman in a youth-obsessed industry like wrestling.

4. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlynfrom WWE.com

    Kaitlyn's profile in WWE has plummeted since her run with the Divas Championship flopped earlier this year. She's barely on Raw these days, and hasn't had anything resembling a meaningful storyline in months.

    So, what better way to boost her profile than giving her a spot on Total Divas? The former bodybuilder is pretty, charismatic and personable—generally, a perfect fit for the E! Show.

3. Paige

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    Paigefrom WWE.com

    While Total Divas has helped established female wrestlers, like Natalya or Naomi, reclaim their relevance, it has also proven to be an extremely useful tool in pushing new stars. Whatever you think of Eva Marie's (abysmal) wrestling skills, it's hard to argue that the show hasn't made her a star.

    Despite being widely regarded as one of the best female workers in the company, British Diva, Paige, has been languishing in development for years now. If WWE ever does decide to promote the star, why not use Total Divas as a platform in which to introduce her to a global audience?

2. Summer Rae

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    Dancer Summer Rae has everything it takes to be a major female star in WWE. She's got the looks, the personality and has shown herself to be a very smooth and competent wrestler whenever she gets in the ring. (Some of her NXT bouts with Paige, in particular, were great.)

    In fact, she's arguably a better in-ring competitor than her man, Fandango, at this point. She can really go places in WWE. All things considered, she'd be a natural fit for Total Divas two.

1. A.J. Lee

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    As one of WWE's most high-profile and popular female performers, it seems inevitable that A.J. Lee will end up on Total Divas at some point.

    In fact, the natural culmination of the current Lee vs. Total Divas program is the Divas Champion announcing that she's now decided to beat the girls at their own game and is joining the show's next season.

    Lee on Total Divas remains a tantalizing prospect. She certainly wouldn't fade into the background like JoJo, and could even end up upstaging Nikki and Brie Bella, the show's biggest stars. And if the Michelle Beadle backstage debacle proved anything, it's that Lee is certainly capable of creating drama.