Dirk Nowitzki Needs a New Pair of Cojones!!!!

Ralph isaacAnalyst IApril 21, 2008

Like most other media pundits out there, I predicted that the Dallas Mavericks would win this series in six games because I think they are the superior team. I think Dallas' lineup is equal or even superior to the Hornets:


PG:Kidd ; SG:Howard; SF: Bass ; PF: Nowitzki; C: Dampier

New Orleans

PG:Paul ; SG: Peterson; SF: Peja ; PF:West ; C:Chandler


But one thing stood out to me during the Mavericks-Hornets game : David West repeatedly poked Nowitzki's jaw with his finger after an unintentional elbow by Dirk. And Nowitzki just stood there, didn't do anything, showed no kind of emotion nor did he even attempt to push down David West's hand. And the other telling part was that none of Dirk's teammates came to his defense neither.

A day later a similar incident happened with Kobe: Anthony Carter shoved Kobe Bryant after an unintentional elbow by Bryant. Kobe reacted, he screamed at Carter's way and his teammates came and pulled him away from the scene.  Same thing happened with LeBron who also had the same reaction as Kb after Haywood stood over him. What happened later? the Cavs and Lakers both pummeled their opponents(Wizards and Nuggets respectively)


In the NBA, mental toughness, heart and confidence really matter and any lack in either one will be your downfall. It's even worse when it is your best player-leader that lacks one of these components. And Dirk lacks heart, which is why the Dallas Mavericks have a hard time succeeding.