Team Jerry Rice vs. Team Deion Sanders: Latest Reaction to 2014 NFL Pro Bowl

Kenny DeJohnAnalyst IIIDecember 27, 2013

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 22:  Peyton Manning #18 of the Denver Broncos celebrates after throwing a touchdown during the game against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on December 22, 2013 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
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In the Pro Bowl's first season in a "fantasy draft" format, Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will select their All-Pro rosters in an effort to spice up the oft-scrutinized NFL Pro Bowl.

Conferences will be thrown out the window in this new format, as will kickoffs. Chris Burke of chronicled a few other changes that will take place.

Other modifications:

• Defenses will be allowed to use Cover Two and press coverage. In previous years, only man coverage was allowed outside of goal-line situations.

• A two-minute warning will be added to the first and third quarter and the football will change hands after each quarter. The NFL is hoping this increases the frequency of two-minute drills.

• A 35-/25-second play clock will be used instead of the typical 40-/25-second clock.

The Pro Bowl will be played in Hawaii on Jan. 26. released the Pro Bowlers a few minutes prior to the selection show.

The Pro Bowl selection show sparked some excitement, and fans and NFL personalities alike took to Twitter. Here's what they had to say.


Things got interesting right from the start when it was realized which top talents were snubbed from the game.

Who was your biggest snub? Leave it down in the comments section. 

Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller sounded off on a snub. Chicago Bears wideout Alshon Jeffery was left out of this season's festivities, with teammate Brandon Marshall getting the nod instead.

Several players were excited for the opportunity to represent their teams in the Pro Bowl. Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts and Joe Haden and Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns were just a few to express their joy on Twitter.

With the actual Pro Bowl draft scheduled for Jan. 22, there will be plenty of analysis in the weeks leading up to the event. If nothing else, this first-year experiment will certainly tell us a lot about the future of the Pro Bowl itself.