Batman, Robin and Spider-Man Fight in Video with General WTF Appeal

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That DC/Marvel crossover seems to be going well. 

Uproxx's Brandon Stroud spotted this video and did the only sensible thing you do when discovering a true masterpiece: post it for all to see. However, we weren't able to lock down any details about the fight. 

Deadspin's Tom Ley ran into the same issue we did: We have this great video that is exactly what we need as a holiday hangover wanes, but it doesn't come fully loaded with answers. 

Mixed Martial Arts' message board does have a breakdown of the fight, including a more detailed version of The Riddler's part in all this.  

But we have to give the Most Ardent Internetting Award to Fox Sports' Marc Raimondi who informs, "Apparently, this was part of an eight-man MMA tournament in Southampton, England that crowned the UK’s title of “Hardest Man” back in October."

That link takes you to the competition's website, which proclaims, "Reputations must be earned!" Apparently, they are earned right after visiting the costume shop. 

Here is a trailer for the event:

Now I've always been a Batman guy, so it concerns me how this unidentified fighter was more Bruce Wayne than Caped Crusader. 

When it comes to Robin, things are as we would expect. Whether it be the animated version, Chris O'Donnell or Burt Ward, we will gladly take any of the men who have played Alfred over the years instead. 

There is no character in comic book lore more useless save Samuel "Screech" Powers or Aquaman. And that sentiment continues in this video, as Robin nearly relegates himself to slapping his opponent. The only thing less effective would have been if he cowered in the corner, resorting to an arsenal of colorful but very harsh language. 

The best thing about this video is the high replay value. Watch it again, but this time with the realization that there is actual commentating going on in the background: "Spider-Man very confident. Robin has been taken out in the first round with a very good knee." 

In the end, we think this Spider-Man character has a real future in the "beating up random guys in costume" business. 

I'd also like to take a moment to step back and appreciate the referee who is dressed like mall security for some reason. He looks like he just happened upon a fight between a bunch of rabble-rousers and is trying to stop it. 

Robin is ousted, Batman loses and The Riddler jumps out of nowhere near the end. However, we think this idea of mere mortals dressing up and fighting for our benefit is a swell idea. 

We will take more servings of whatever this is, and we will take it now. 

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