ACC Players and Coaches Tried to Draw Their Team Mascots and Failed Miserably

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ACC Players and Coaches Tried to Draw Their Team Mascots and Failed Miserably
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The ACC: good at basketball, miserable at doodling.

The conference’s media day occurred in October, and for reasons unknown, players and coaches were asked to draw their team mascots. It did not go well.

Images of the awful renderings were taken by ESPN (h/t Rick Chandler of Sports Grid), and they’re about as amusing as misguided attempts at art can be.

N.C. State’s Tyler Lewis drew a kitty cat with the words “Wolf Pack” on its forehead, denoting that felines can indeed rove in packs.

Miami head coach Jim Larranaga drew a snowman with a carrot nose. Sources cannot confirm whether this is an ibis.

Duke's Rodney Hood drew a terrifying, goateed man, which was purportedly some kind of Blue Devil.

Here’s ACC Preseason Player of the Year C.J. Fair and his drawing of Otto, the Syracuse mascot. It’s fairly realistic, aside from the part where it lacks a face and stuff.

Check out Ian Miller’s Cimarron (Florida State's mascot), which is supposedly a horse but looks rather like a lopsided man-baguette with the letter “D” sitting on its shoulders. In Miller’s defense, his mascot has facial features, which is more than Fair can claim.

Bravo, men. While most of you cannot draw in the slightest, you must be commended for standing by and jumping through the hoops on media day. 

Few other jobs out there require you to answer questions for hours and endeavor in impromptu artistry in front of eager journalists.

Maybe next year the media will show up with balloons and scream, Make me a bicycle, clown!"

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