Enormous 'Space Jam' Characters Built for Ecuadorian New Year Are Awesome

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistDecember 26, 2013

via imugr via Reddit user asantos

Space Jam is one of the most popular sports movies ever made. It doesn't matter how old you get it—the movie from 1996 will still be awesome. You will be reminded of that after seeing the picture above.

Characters from the movie, including Michael Jordan, were built in Ecuador.

In the post, there is an explanation for the giant characters, although there doesn't really need to be one, via Reddit user asantos:

Some background about the pic: in Ecuador, they celebrate the New Year by burning wood/carton dolls. Normally they pick politicians, or recent cartoon dolls... honestly I don't know why these particular guys picked to design characters from a 1996 movie.

Thanks to asantos for the picture.