Mets Need Sweep in Pittsburgh

Brendan CostelloContributor IJune 1, 2009

Yes, it’s Pittsburgh, and they have been a bottom feeder in the central for years. This does not mean the Mets should take them lightly. The Mets are sending out their B-team for their sixth straight game. They went five and one in the stretch, and winning for these guys is the only way to build experience.

This is a great opportunity for them to build up their confidence against a team like Pittsburgh, for the Yankees are peering down the road.

The Mets throw out their three best pitchers: Livan Hernandez, Johan Santana, and Mike Pelfrey. This is an even greater reason why a clean sweep is necessary. The Mets have to take care of teams that are not as skilled. Even if the B team is out there, they are still more talented.

Honestly, I don’t mind this lineup. They all play with heart and it's inspiring. There's finally some emotion among the Mets.

With the Sheff playing so well, the Mets are walking with a swagger. Signing him was the best move they made all year.

Do I think this is the best team that we've had in the past three years? Not even close, but this team definitely tries the hardest. Truly, that’s all that matters.