LeBron James Shows Off Terrible Golf Swing in New Commercial with Kevin Hart

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 26, 2013

“Stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball.” 

The immortal words of Caddyshack golf legend Ty Webb remain as true today as they were in 1980, and it's this brand of sage advice that LeBron James desperately needs to hear.

Starring in a new Samsung commercial, LeBron joins comedian/amateur golf instructor Kevin Hart on the links in the name of improving the mechanics of his swing, which are lacking to say the least.

The amusing commercial was spotted by Paul Sacca of Next Impulse Sports. The advertisement revolves around LeBron hacking wildly at golf balls and Hart being less than helpful.

LeBron is trying his best with a driver—to Charles Barkley-esque results. Hart thoroughly enjoys the occasion, considering it’s the first time he’s ever seen LeBron struggle with anything remotely athletic. 

The King pours it on heavy with the follow-through, although that’s just the beginning of his woes. Hart tries to give LeBron some advice, which he may or may not appreciate.

“You’re not bending your knees at all,” Hart says. “You’re knocked up like a two-by-four.”

The comedian continues advising LeBron while using the “Golf Mode” on his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to show him where he’s going wrong with his swing (everywhere).

The commercial is the full version of footage previewed in a previous commercial from this October, where Samsung showed LeBron training and relaxing in the offseason.

The real question is, is LeBron James worse at golf than Charles Barkley?

No, sir—and it’s not even close.


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