Power Ranking the Divas Most Likely to Take AJ Lee's Divas Championship

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistDecember 26, 2013

Power Ranking the Divas Most Likely to Take AJ Lee's Divas Championship

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    AJ Lee has been the WWE Divas champion since June 16, 2013, and in all that time she has proven to be one of the most popular titleholders in the company. Even though she is playing a heel, the fact is that AJ's character is one of the most entertaining in WWE.

    Her reputation as slightly crazy has become so ordinary now that fans are very accustomed to seeing it. It definitely separates her from the rest of the female talent in Vince McMahon's company and puts her in a category all her own.

    But as with any Superstar who holds a championship in WWE for any extended period of time, the question of just who could defeat AJ and take the Divas title is now being asked by a good number of fans. This is only normal, of course; the fact is that WWE revolves around the feuds and rivalries that take place on TV every week.  

    The same should be said for the Divas division, but truth be told, it has not been that way in a long time. Thanks to Total Divas, the primary focus has not been on the butterfly belt.  

    Six-person, eight-person and regular tag matches have become the norm for the Divas. While this is a great way to get all of the women on the air at the same time, the fact is that it often does not lead to any substantial rivalries for AJ and the Divas championship.  

    So where will all this lead AJ and the belt that she so proudly wears around her waist? Who could potentially walk through that revolving door and take the trophy that AJ holds most dear?

    For me, there are five Divas who top the list.

5. Tamina Snuka

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    This list begins with a name that likely no one is thinking of. The reason for this is that as of this writing, Tamina Snuka is AJ's unofficial bodyguard. She accompanies her to ringside, runs offense on the outside of the ring and is a general thorn in the side of any Diva who challenges AJ.

    But while Tamina is doing an admirable job of playing the heavy next to AJ, I believe that eventually she will decide that being second banana is not all it's cracked up to be.

    The fact is that as long as Tamina is standing by AJ's side, she will likely not get a title shot. It's not an impossibility, of course, as anything can happen in WWE. But crowd support would likely not be there for Tamina, and if she were to suddenly assault AJ for no reason, the moment could turn AJ face once again.

    However if a breakup between the two women is handled properly, then Tamina could come out of it looking great and with more positive spotlight than she has ever had before.  

    The fact is that any time a heel champion is paired with an enforcer, the partnership works for a while. Its success is due to the champ being protected at all costs and ensuring that the belt is as safe as possible. All of the heat from the fans gets the titleholder over, and the bodyguard is given the credit for making it all work.

    But eventually, that No. 2 decides being No. 1 is much more important. I think this will happen with Tamina at some point, and when that turn happens, we could see a brand-new Divas champion in WWE.

4. Naomi

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    Naomi's run with Cameron as the Funkadactyls may be coming to an end. The reason for that is Brodus Clay's recent heel turn, in which he decided that he didn't need them or anyone else for that matter. While it's unknown whether or not the girls will decide to part ways, the fact is that Naomi is more than good enough not only to challenge AJ Lee, but to take the title from her as well.

    They may have started as just dancers for Brodus, but the Funkadactyls have proven their worth in the ring. However for me, Naomi is just better as a performer. She's more inventive, more dynamic with her move set. She's also just more fun to watch in the ring.

    And that is why she's on this list. I believe that of all the women on the roster, Naomi is more than capable of winning the Divas championship and having a good run with it. She has all the traits that WWE looks for in a champion; she's tough, she's sexy, she's smart and she has confidence in the ring.

    She could step in right now and become a legit Divas champion without the title losing any ground whatsoever. In fact, the belt would actually gain a new spotlight thanks to Naomi being featured on Total Divas.

    With the program gaining more popularity, the fact that the Divas title is still around AJ's waist is more than a little surprising. And featuring it on Total Divas around Naomi's waist could be the way that WWE chooses to go.


3. Eva Marie

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    Of all the Divas on this list, Eva Marie is the one who should not be even remotely considered for the championship at this time. The reason for that is because she's just not ready.

    She's slow and awkward in the ring. She does not talk well and even her overall body language lacks confidence. Eva Marie just looks like a fish out of water on WWE programming. In fact, to even call her a Diva among all the other very capable women in WWE seems very unfair to not only them, but to her as well.

    The truth is that right now, the only thing Eva has going for her is her image. And in a company that markets image to the masses, Eva Marie could be exactly what it's looking foreven if she's not ready.

    And make no mistake about it, she's not. She's not ready in the slightest.

    However, her look and her popularity could actually cause WWE to do the unthinkable. Giving Eva the Divas championship would bring more heat to the belt than anything else the company could possibly do. It would cause more of a stir in the Divas division than we have seen in a very long time, and it could thrust Eva into the bizarre role of very popular yet very hated very quickly.

    And that is why she's No. 3 on this list. Let's be honest, would it really surprise anyone if Eva Marie beat AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Championship right now?

2. Natalya

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    Natalya is highly regarded as perhaps the best worker in WWE's Divas division. She is technically sound in the ring and can put on a good match with almost any Diva in the company. She has the right amount of sex appeal, toughness and ability to reign over the Divas division and be a very credible champion for months to come.

    But the fact is that she is not being used in that capacity right now. Whether it's because WWE is committed to keeping AJ on top or whether it's due to the company wanting to spotlight other Divas, the fact is that Nattie is basically on standby.  

    She is utilized as the veteran star of the division, the one that any of the Divas can work and see their individual game elevated beyond what they're likely capable of. Natalya is a solid performer who is the backbone of the Divas, while the belt is used for other purposes.

    And even though she is just treading water right now, I believe that she could be given the Divas Championship back at any time. It's practically hers for the taking.

    And this fact could actually lead to a new character change for her at some point in the future. Her attitude could become one of entitlement that she deserves to be Divas champion because she is so much better than everyone else in the company. That way of thinking could lead to her arrogance taking over and before you know it, Natalya could be the top heel in the Divas division.

    However, it's unclear if that will happen at this point. She is well loved by the WWE faithful and she consistently gets the best reaction of every other Diva on the card. But what is for certain is Nattie's ability to step right in and immediately carry women's wrestling in WWE. No one in the Divas locker room does it any better.

1. Brie Bella

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    The Bella Twins have become very used to the bright lights of stardom in WWE. In fact, they are basically the two women on which Total Divas is based, and their individual relationships with both Daniel Bryan and John Cena drive the program in many ways.

    But it's their work in the ring that makes all the difference for some fans.And for me, it's Brie who has definitely risen above her sister in terms of hard work and ability.

    Brie Bella just looks the part. She's sexy, she's feisty and she's very tough in the ring. She is a scrapper, a Diva who just keeps fighting despite how outnumbered or physically beaten up she may be. In many ways, her career is currently emulating that of her fiance Bryan.

    While the Bellas are likely still viewed by many fans as the glitz and glamour of the Divas division, I feel that Brie has gotten much better in the ring and has blossomed as an all-around performer. She's underrated as a worker in the ring, and I feel that at some point she should be given a Divas Championship run.

    As with four other women on this list, if Brie were to win the Divas title, she would bring it home to Total Divas. And that is something that WWE perhaps will not be able to resist. So if that is the plan at some point, then Brie Bella should be the one who wins it.  

    The fact that her title win could drive a wedge between her and Nikki would only add to the drama. Jealousy could ensue and the twins could find themselves in a war that would define the program and drive the storylines on TV. It could also perhaps create some animosity between Cena and Bryan, which could make for some interesting heat for both of them as well.

    Either way, I believe Brie Bella should be given her chance at the Divas Championship. Whether or not she will, however, is anyone's guess.