Deron Williams Says Brooklyn Nets Season Has Been a 'Nightmare'

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 25, 2013

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The Brooklyn Nets keep plunging deeper and deeper into a state of misery. 

After their 95-78 Christmas Day beatdown at the hands of the struggling Chicago Bulls, there was just nothing positive left to say. A 9-19 record during the holiday season wasn't exactly the plan when Mikhail Prokhorov assembled what was supposed to become a superteam, one capable of using the new marquee additions to compete with the Miami Heat for Eastern Conference supremacy. 

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry were supposed to join with Brook Lopez, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson to form a true contender, one that would become an unstoppable offensive unit also capable of shutting down the opposition on a regular basis.

That was the dream. But this 2013-14 campaign has become the exact opposite (via Tim Bontempts of the New York Post): 

Surely Deron Williams at least has confidence that the Nets will turn things around, right? 

Wrong (per Rod Boone of Newsday). 

Again, there's just nothing positive left to say. That's why D-Will is content to let the Nets' record do the talking for itself.

Without Lopez in the lineup—possibly for the entire season thanks to his broken foot—and without any semblance of a working system on either end of the court, the Nets are just rather hopeless.

B/R's Dan Favale set out to describe Brooklyn in just three words while questioning whether the team has hit rock bottom, and he did it rather accurately: "Disappointing. Despicable. Deplorable."

There's no mincing of words there.

And you won't find anyone who disagrees anywhere. Not among the fanbase, not among the media and not even among the members of the beleaguered organization itself. Everyone is well aware just how putrid the performance has been thus far. 

However, Williams was wrong about one thing. 

"Nightmare" isn't the right word to describe Brooklyn's season. The sentiment is accurate, as just about everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, but there's just one problem with his choice descriptor. 

You can wake up from a nightmare.