Little Courtside Fan Gets 'Earmuffs' Treatment for Protection from Kevin Garnett

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 25, 2013


Kevin Garnett hasn't displayed much bite during the 2013-14 NBA season, but that doesn't prevent him from barking. 

Old age isn't softening the big man, nor is it keeping his tongue in check. When KG wants to say something, you can still bet your life's savings that he's going to say exactly what's on his mind. And despite the fact that he's wearing a black-and-white uniform these days, it might get colorful. 

Such was presumably the case during the second quarter of the Brooklyn Nets' Christmas Day contest with the Chicago Bulls

After disagreeing with a call, Garnett did what he's always done: He complained to the referees, expressing his feelings rather angrily within earshot of those sitting on the sidelines. 

Nothing new there, as we've seen such scenarios unfold millions of time. Given the amount of seasons Garnett has racked up in the NBA, I'm not sure whether that's an exaggeration.

But what makes this so different is the image you can see at 12-second mark in the video above. 

There's an older brother out there who simply won't allow his sibling (yes, I'm guessing they're brothers based on the proximity and reaction) hear any vulgar language spewing forth from Garnett's mouth. All it takes is a quick covering of the ears, though one has to wonder what the younger fan heard before he received the earmuff treatment. 

Image via Bleacher Report.

As Devin Kharpertian writes for, he was just "covering his ears up quickly to make sure he didn't learn any new words."

This kid is having the absolute best Christmas of all time. 

Not only does he have the privilege of sitting courtside at an NBA game, but he gets to witness a trademark explosion from The Big Ticket and still maintain his verbal innocence. Well, most of it at least, since it's a fairly safe assumption that Garnett said a few choice words before the green-clad fan had the presence of mind to protect him. 

Maybe they'll go home and watch A Christmas Story together: