Manny Being Manny? Do we have to put up with it?

Kyle ZimmermanCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

Manny Ramirez is a great hitter and I respect him for that, but it's his "I don't give a crap" attitude that overtakes anything good I can say about him. Mostly everything Manny does is for himself, weather it's skipping out on the All-Star game to go to the mall with some friends, standing at home plate for five seconds watching the ball that he knows won't leave the ball park, or just walking because he's too good to hustle. In all, Manny Ramirez disrespects his teammates, fans, and everyone but himself.

Other people call it "Manny being Manny," which to me means he can do whatever he wants and people have to respect that because well, that's just how he is. But I don't care if that's how he is, he has to realize that he plays a sport that takes a considerable amount of class to be respected in. 

I have great appreciation for the game of baseball and do play myself, and I have been taught throughout my years to show class and respect for yourself, the players, the fans, coaches, and everyone involved with the game. Now I don't know who taught Manny the ethics of the game or if anybody taught them to him at all but it sure seems like he doesn't care about the game.

So the question I have to you readers is should Manny Ramirez be punished for his antics? I sure thinks so.