5 WWE Superstars Who Won't Make It Through 2014

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 27, 2013

5 WWE Superstars Who Won't Make It Through 2014

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    Everyone who is on the WWE roster has earned their spot at one point in time, but some of them have been floundering as enhancement talent for so long that it seems shocking they are still signed at all.

    WWE needs a few jobbers, but local talent will work for a lot less money than a contracted talent who travels with the company for the same results.

    WWE has been keeping their annual housecleaning around WrestleMania pretty light in recent years, but with all the new talent coming up from NXT, it seems more and more likely that some of the low-card Superstars will be out the door.

    This list will look at five WWE Superstars who have reason to fear a possible release and why they should fear it.

Evan Bourne

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    That's right, he is still under contract with WWE. The injury-prone Evan Bourne has had some of the worst luck of anyone who has ever stepped foot in a WWE ring.

    Bourne has a lot to offer when it comes to high flying offense and exciting spots, but he is not the only one who can deliver in that department. That makes him very expendable.

    Why should WWE keep paying a guy who is in physical rehab more than he is in the ring? The answer is that they shouldn't.

    As much as I like Evan Bourne for what he brings to the ring, he does not bring anything that Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel can't also bring to their performances.

    Bourne is in a bad spot because of a car accident that injured his foot and two wellness policy violations, and it would be shocking to see him still with the company when 2015 rolls around.



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    Camacho, real name Tevita Fifita, is the son of the legendary Haku, but he is not on the same track most of the other second-generation Superstars are headed to.

    Camacho was stuck with Hunico in a bodyguard role which eventually turned into a tag team, but now that Hunico is playing the Sin Cara role, what's left for Camacho?

    He has never had a chance to look impressive in the ring because he is always jobbing to other Superstars, or not being used on TV at all.

    We only just recently saw Camacho pop up after a several-month absence, and now he seems to be back on the bench for the time being.

    Camacho is not big enough to be a powerhouse, and he is not good enough to be a technician or high flyer. That means he does not really fit into any of WWE's standard categories.

    Camacho is someone who might stick around for most of the year as a jobber, but the odds of him being pushed, or even making it through 2014, are quite slim.

Curt Hawkins

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    Curt Hawkins is a former tag team champion with Zack Ryder, but he has been in a jobber role ever since the team broke up.

    He almost saw a push when he was teaming with Tyler Reks, but Reks bailed in WWE and left Hawkins without a partner or storyline.

    Hawkins and Ryder have teased teaming up again, and it could be the only thing that could save Hawkins from a release in 2014.

    He is decent enough in the ring to be a midcard enhancement talent or tag team wrestler, but he has never stood out in the ring, on the mic or as a character.

    The King of Queens, or whatever he calls himself, is lucky to have held on as long as he has. I hate saying this about someone with potential, but Hawkins is on the shortlist of names who are not likely to see another WWE Christmas.



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    JTG has been a member of the WWE roster for just over seven years. SEVEN YEARS! Do you know how many awesome Superstars have been released in way less than seven years?

    Neither do I, because counting that high would take forever. JTG is talented as an in-ring performer, and he has proven that he has great charisma as a member of Cryme Tyme, but he has been used less than Brock Lesnar in 2013, and Brock Lesnar doesn't even appear that often.

    He might get some time on NXT to work with the new guys, but unless WWE sees some serious talent in him in some sort of trainer or backstage role, JTG is another Superstar who seems destined for a pink slip.


    To put that in perspective, Hulk Hogan was only in WCW for six years. JTG has been in WWE longer than Hogan was in WCW.

    JTG has the potential to either be a midcard talent or a great tag team partner, but WWE hasn't given him many opportunities to show his skills after they made the mistake of breaking up Cryme Tyme for a feud that went nowhere and did nothing for either Shad or JTG.

Yoshi Tatsu

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    I actually like Yoshi Tatsu a lot, not his character, but the talent Naofumi Yamamoto possesses. He has put on some great matches in Japan, and probably at some house shows, but he has never broken out in WWE.

    He debuted on the now-defunct ECW brand in 2009, but after a short push he was brought down to the low-card and made to job to everyone.

    Tatsu had a few interesting matches on the old version of NXT, but it was not enough to convince WWE that he had more to offer.

    Yoshi Tatsu could be a great midcard heel if WWE let him act the way he did when he wrestled in Japan, but that is unlikely given how long WWE has kept him off the radar.

    These are just five of the Superstars who always seem like they are on the cusp of being released, but most, if not all of these names are probably going to be cut within the next 12 months.

    It would be great if they could all suddenly take off in popularity and start producing five-star matches, just don't expect it to happen with all the talent WWE already has filling the main programs.

    Who do you think is a candidate for release in 2014?


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