Here Is That Trailer for JaVale and Pam McGee's New Show You've Been Waiting for

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 23, 2013

Finally, it's here. 

No, we aren't talking about flying cars, hoverboards or a device that can aptly explain what it is that goes through the minds of J.R. Smith or Metta World Peace. 

We are referring to that trailer for the new reality TV show starring JaVale McGee and his mother, former WNBA player and coach, Pamela McGee. 

A tip of the hat to For the Win's Sean Highkin for spotting the teaser ahead of the show's premiere Saturday, Jan. 18, on OWN.

This should be tremendous news for that very specific demographic that loves their reality TV as well as their sensible mothers who chide their son's hopes of buying a Maybach.  

Anyone already familiar with the NBA hardly needs an introduction to the McGees. You also won't be shocked to hear Pamela state,"The Kennedys do politics. The McGees, we do basketball."

That's exactly what they do. 

Timothy Burke of Deadspin caught the hilarious image of McGee watching her son play with a face that should strike fear in the hearts of even the most hardened basketball enthusiast. 

CBS 4 Denver delved a bit deeper into the two back in 2012.

"Mother and son are still inseparable. She taught him everything he knows on the court. She knows her stuff — she’s a coach. But ever since Javale entered the NBA she’s enjoyed her time as a mom."

Now, that time will be chronicled for all to see and enjoy. The interesting aspect of the trailer is the new title given to the show. 

Back in April, Philiana Ng of The Hollywood Reporter first reported the two would be getting their own reality TV series, calling the show Millionaire Mama's Boy.

The guess is there was a switch in who the star of the show was going to be. The new title, Mom's Got Game, along with the trailer, make it seem like a bulk of the footage will center on the matriarch of the family. 

Regardless, there is a ton of personality between the two to go around. If producers are able to garner just a portion of it, they may just have a hit on their hands. 


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