Teammates Who Legitimately Hate Each Other

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2013

Teammates Who Legitimately Hate Each Other

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    Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

    These tandems will always be synonymous with one another because they not only won big together, but because they displayed genuine admiration and respect towards each other that demonstrated their relationships were more than just part of team chemistry.

    And while we've seen plenty of players who look at one another as if they were brothers, there are likewise plenty of examples of teammates who just couldn't coexist.

    Whether due to ego, pride or just plain contrasting personalities, here are a few teammates who really, honestly, straight-up hated each other.

Brent Barry and Tony Parker

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    Now don't get me wrong, while these two former teammates were playing for the San Antonio Spurs, they were really close.

    And that relationship might have actually been a little bit more comfortable and too trusting than Tony Parker could have handled, as he was caught not only cheating on his mega-hot wife at the time, actress Eva Longoria, but for doing it with the former wife of Brent Barry's, Erin.

    Again, these two might have been good buds while on the basketball court at one point, but seeing how Barry lost his marriage after everything, it's safe to assume they wouldn't be too kind to each other nowadays.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

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    In the world of auto racing, it can be difficult sometimes to communicate to drivers how to drive in order to help a teammate during a race.

    These guys are competitors and don't want to pace other guys in order to help another person get a win—even if they are signed to the same racing team.

    So when Sebastian Vettel ignored crew chief orders to let teammate Mark Webber maintain first place by overtaking him on a pit lap, Webber wasn't too happy about it, opening up and verbally attacking Vettel in the media room following the race after having to settle for second place.

    And this wasn't the first time the two butted heads.

Wilfried Zaha and Ravel Morrison

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    Maybe this wasn't anything more than just a little shoving during a match for U-21 England national team members Wilfried Zaha and Ravel Morrison.

    But seeing how it didn't come during a critical point with a 5-0 lead over Lithuania, maybe it stems from something a bit more personal?

    Whatever the reason is, it supposedly carried on into the dressing room, leading me to believe there's more than what fans saw—which was already something not too pleasant.

Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis

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    Anytime things become physical, that's when fans know that two guys really dislike one another at a high level.

    In giving us one of the most famous videos ever of teammates hating each other, former Washington Redskins players Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis showed that just because a guy wears the same uniform as you, doesn't mean he has to be a friend.

    Apparently, the two bickered like the Hatfield and McCoy's during their time in D.C., and the fallout of all that arguing was this fight, which cost Westbrook $50,000 and Davis some major blows to his face.

Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker

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    Being one of the most fiery competitors and successful basketball players ever, Kobe Bryant would have a hard time getting along with every one of his teammates, I'd imagine.

    So when he had Smush Parker playing with him, Kobe didn't hide the fact that he didn't like the guy.

    Once released, Parker had some choice words for the "Black Mamba," basically calling the future Hall of Famer a ball hog and an awful teammate.

    Bryant laughed it off, putting Parker in his place to remind him that he was basically nothing but an NBA journeyman whom Bryant never trusted.

    I doubt the two of them will be exchanging pleasantries anytime in the near future.

Titas Vitukynas and Deividas Padaigis

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    In one of the weirdest instances of teammates hating on each other, this fight comes from Lithuanian soccer team FK Dainava Alytus, which saw two of its players go after each other on the pitch.

    When we talk about a couple of guys getting red cards during a match, it's often because opposing players went after each other, not because teammates did!

    But seeing defenders Titas Vitukynas and Deividas Padaigis get into it shows that sometimes emotions can run high—and headbutting a teammate is just necessary sometimes.

Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton

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    While fans are pretty familiar with the fact that gambling happens all the time between teammates in the locker room and on team flights, no one ever thinks that things could escalate as high as they did between former Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton back in 2009.

    In a feud reportedly ignited because Arenas hadn't paid off the debt from a poker game between the two, they actually had exchanged threats of shooting each other with loaded guns that they brought into the locker room.

    They were both got hefty suspensions, with both careers falling into oblivion following the incident.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

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    At one point in their careers, New York Yankees teammates Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez had a great friendship.

    But over time, that all changed for a variety of reasons.

    Jeter has always carried himself with the class and leadership a true Yankee is expected to, while A-Rod has been nothing but a headache who has dragged the franchise through his own personal dirt.

    For whatever reason, the feud between the two is very real, and something that no baseball fan should be hesitant to acknowledge.

Riley Cooper and Cary Williams

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    After hearing and seeing what Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper said during a concert last summer, it's pretty understandable as to why some of his teammates might be a bit upset with him.

    Offending pretty much everyone in the sports world—African American or not—Cooper caught fire for coming across as racist and ignorant with his words.

    Even after a public apology, Eagles cornerback Cary Williams made sure that he let Cooper know his stance on things, getting into a fight during training camp before this season.

    For all intents and purposes, it was probably a one-time thing, but who knows if the whole incident has been forgiven—because it definitely can't just be forgotten about.

Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters

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    As a Cleveland sports fan, it's a shame that these two former top-four picks can't seem to coexist, because they both have plenty of skill to potentially do big things for the Cavs.

    With Kyrie Irving getting national attention from the beginning—he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2011 to replace the departed LeBron James—and earning an All-Star appearance last season, it seems his teammate, Dion Waiters, has developed a bit of jealousy.

    It showed its ugly head earlier this season, as a players-only meeting following a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves allegedly turned into a mano-e-mano argument between the two young guns, with teammates having to hold them from each other.

    Rumors of Waiters being shipped out of town began soon thereafter—though he just got demoted to sixth man instead.

Peyton Manning and Mike Vanderjagt

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    Peyton Manning may have Hall of Fame numbers and a Super Bowl ring, but anyone who followed the quarterback's career from the early-2000's probably remembers that he had a ton of great teams, but not a whole lot of luck in the postseason.

    So when his then-kicker on the Indianapolis Colts, Mike Vanderjagt, criticized Manning for not showing enough emotion after those postseason losses, Peyton didn't hold back his frustrated response.

    Vanderjagt may have had the highest field-goal percentage when he called his football career quits—he now sits fourth—but he learned to never bash Manning—who fired back by calling him an "idiot kicker."

    Way harsh, bro.

Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant

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    While many may argue that the feud between the former L.A. Lakers teammates was among the worst, after seeing how time has reconciled the two, I just couldn't have it fall any higher than this.

    That said, while the two were both still playing, it was arguably the hottest hatred between teammates going.

    There was the whole rap song that Shaq did following his final NBA title with the Miami Heat in 2006, and then the back-and-forth from Kobe in reply.

    But with age and distance came respect, so the two seem to have things patched up for now, making this feud one that seems to have diminished.

Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole

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    It's tough enough to play with a guy you dislike on one team. But for Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole, they had the unfortunate situation of teaming up on both Manchester United and the England national team during the '90s—making their feud one that they had to live with each day of the year.

    Even with all that time spent together, the soccer players were unable to patch their differences up, with Cole admitting a few years ago that he straight-up hated Sheringham for not shaking his hand during a game in which Cole replaced his teammate.

    It's one thing to feel disrespected following the incident and sweep it under the rug. But things get taken to a whole new level when the two have openly said to have not talked to or liked each other for 15 years.

Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent

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    Although these two haven't played together in over a decade, and both have been out of baseball for over five seasons, that still doesn't mean that the gap has been bridged in their relationship.

    Both former MVPs, both Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent really did despise each other while playing for the San Francisco Giants, casting a cloud over the clubhouse by two of the biggest egos in sports.

    The turmoil reached its peak during a June 2002 game when they got into a shoving match in the dugout, leading to Kent proclaiming that he wanted off the team.

    He got his wish in the offseason, leaving to sign with the Houston Astros despite the Giants reaching—and losing—the World Series that season.

    Casting aside their differences may have led the team to great heights.

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

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    As I mentioned in a previous slide with Dion Waiters' feelings towards teammate Kyrie Irving, jealousy can be the root of all evil sometimes.

    That seemed to be the case back before the 1994 Olympic Games when then U.S. teammates Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan had one of the most unbelievable rivalries in sports.

    With Kerrigan getting national attention and praise as the favorite to win in the individual figure skating event, Harding hired hitmen to club her teammate in order to get more attention herself, while helping her own chances of medaling.

    It didn't even work, as Harding finished eighth in Lillehammer that year, with a fully recovered Kerrigan taking home a silver medal.

    It's a pretty sick move, and one that shook the figure skating world.