Magnus Ends Britain's Wait and Wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Chris WilkersonCorrespondent IIDecember 23, 2013

New World Heavyweight Champion Magnus
New World Heavyweight Champion MagnusTNA

TNA's Magnus has become the first ever British competitor to win the World Heavyweight Championship for a major American wrestling organisation.

In defeating Jeff Hardy, with a little help from Dixie's cronies (one of which was fellow Brit and last year's British Boot Camp winner Rockstar Spud), Magnus ended a wait of more than 108 years for a British wrestler to be crowned world champion on American shores.

Whilst Bleacher Report's John Reid waxed lyrical on how this is the start of younger talent making waves in TNA, it is undoubtedly a sign that TNA is embracing its popularity in the United Kingdom.

The UK fans have always been loud and proud in their wrestling support, and TNA have done well to amass a loyal and vociferous fan-base this side of the Atlantic.

The company made steps last year to reward that unwavering support when creating British Boot Camp. This showcased four British talents as winner Rockstar Spud competed with "Party" Marty Scurll and the Blossom Twins for a contract with the company. All four also got to compete on the UK tour, another smart move to get the crowd on their side.

TNA have had chances to make Magnus their Champion before, and maybe the delay has blown a little of his momentum.

But they are now weeks away from touring the UK, and nothing will bring a reaction like the chance for these fans to cheer a home-grown world heavyweight champion.

This is a smart business move as well as a good progressive step in ensuring the future of their burgeoning talent.

Magnus will bring his newly-won championship home when he visits Britain and Ireland on the TNA Maximum Impact Tour from January.

He said: “It is truly an honour and a privilege to be the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I'm looking forward to bringing the title belt back to where it all started for me. It's something I've always dreamed of doing.

“It's also important to represent all the people in the UK wrestling business that helped me get to this point, and hopefully show the young British talent that there is no glass ceiling; you can be a top guy!”

Considering TNA's tainted image in the eyes of many as an old man's playground, Magnus' chance to shine is even more significant.

The company have now got a first time champ to add a fresh spin on their programming, a star that will excite their growing British audience and a 27 year-old fresh talent as their main event guy. 

That's going against the perception. And going in the right direction too.

WWE have had names they could have given this same chance to along the way, the chance to be the first British World Heavyweight Champion in a major American promotion. William Regal, the British Bulldog and even Wade Barrett are talented wrestlers who WWE bypassed. 

TNA might not have WWE scales of popularity, but they will forever be the company that named the first real British world heavyweight champion.

Making headlines and history in the right way is a sure step from TNA.

Now it's down to Magnus.

Quotes obtained firsthand courtesy of official TNA press release.

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