Nebraska Football: Why 2013 Was Actually a Good Year for the Huskers

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Nebraska Football: Why 2013 Was Actually a Good Year for the Huskers
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The 2013 Nebraska football season was filled with ups and downs.

For the most part, what people will remember are the downs. That's the case at any program. However, Husker fans have a lot of ups to look back on, too.

One of those being the story of Jack Hoffman. It seems like so long ago that Nebraska fans were first introduced to Jack. The 2013 Nebraska Spring Game also feels like a long time has passed since.

Instead, that moment in time only happened last April. It took place on April 6, in fact.

Since Jack's 69-yard touchdown run, a lot has happened.

Nebraska went 8-4, losing to UCLA, Minnesota, Michigan State and Iowa. Head coach Bo Pelini found himself in the middle of a leaked audio tape debacle. He then also found himself daring athletic director Shawn Eichorst to fire him.

All of these negatives grabbed fans' attention, and rightfully so. It would be naive to assume fans shouldn't care about major news stories surrounding their program.

Despite it all, Nebraska still had things worth being proud of. The Huskers still had Jack.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In the time since the Spring Game, Jack has continued to bring nothing but positive attention to the Huskers and their football program.

When Jack won an ESPY, Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez was there to celebrate with him.

When Jack learned that his cancer was in remission, Husker fans (and non-Husker fans) cheered loudly in support from all ends of the country.

Looking back on 2013, fans have a lot to be proud of.

Memorial Stadium continued to sell out game after game.

Backup quarterback Ron Kellogg III brought excitement in close games that had fans on their feet.

Jack and the Hoffman family continued to bring hope by winning USA Today's "Best Emotional Moment of 2013," as reported by the Omaha World Herald.

The 2013 season may not have panned out exactly as preseason predictions had thought. It likely did not end as many fans suspected, either.

There was speculation that Martinez could have been a Heisman candidate. Many assumed Nebraska would make the trip to the Big Ten Championship, seeing as the Huskers started the season ranked at No. 18 in the AP poll, per the Omaha World Herald.

It didn't quite end as expected.

However, when looking back on 2013, there is a lot to be proud of in Husker Nation. That doesn't mean there won't be a few question marks that will need to be addressed in 2014. Fans are anxiously looking forward after a season full of disappointments, but there were plenty of high points, too.

For every bump in the road, Nebraska had something positive to counteract it. Jack Hoffman is one of those things worth remembering. That's what makes the 2013 season actually pretty good.

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