Tim Lincecum and Learning to Help Yourself

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Tim Lincecum and Learning to Help Yourself
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If you walk into any bookstore in North America you are likely going find an absolutely massive section of books entitled, "Self Help". I am not an expert on this genre of literature, but it seems like these books claim to provide a solution to any problem, no matter how obscure. If you spend enough time wandering through the self help section you are sure to find books that will help you learn to lose 80 pounds while eating exclusively cake, stop wasting time by spending four hours a day sitting in a room doing nothing, or put your harpoon away and squash that pesky whaling addiction that you can't seem to shake. Fortunately for both of us, you didn't come to Beyond the Boxscore to hear my snarky and largely ill-informed take on self help books. Instead, you were probably hoping to hear something at least quasi-related to baseball. Today, you are in luck...

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