Calipari: Classy Recruiter—and by Classy I Mean, Bling, Hoes, and Money

Bare KnucksAnalyst IJune 1, 2009

29 Mar 1996:  UMass head coach John Calipari will lead the Minutemen against the Wildcats of Kentucky in the semifinals of the NCAA Men''s Basketball Championship at the Continental Air Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Mandatory Credit: Doug Pensinger

We previously featured an article on Coach John Calipari during his tenure at Memphis. This piece hinted at shady business on Calipari’s behalf, which stirred up quite a bit of controversy with Memphis Tigers fans. It turns out Coach Cal and the Memphis program were up to no good.

It was revealed last week that a Memphis player cheated on his SAT in order to be eligible to play ball. That player in particular was phenom point guard and former number-one overall pick in the NBA Draft, Derrick Rose.

This news comes to new surprise, seeing as it’s no secret that Rose isn’t exactly the crunchiest chip in the bag…have you heard him talk? I can’t believe it took this long for the allegations to be released to the public!

In addition to committing an academic sin (cheating on the SAT), the Memphis program reportedly spent over $2,200 in trips, hotel rooms, and things of that sort for the stud prospect.

Calipari throws out the rulebook and will do whatever it takes to make sure his team has the premier recruits in the nation. It seems like everyone has forgotten about the whole Marcus Camby ordeal at UMass!

In case you aren’t familiar, let me remind you: Calipari took UMass to the Final Four in 1996, which was eventually vacated by the NCAA when it was revealed that their big man, Marcus Camby, had received money from agents.

In addition to money, Camby also obtained jewelry, clothes and prostitutes. Calipari’s recruiting methods are almost as if he ripped a page out of the movie "He Got Game." [Read more...]