Does This Season for the Tribe Come Down to Preserving Mark Shapiro's Ego?

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Does This Season for the Tribe Come Down to Preserving Mark Shapiro's Ego?
I wrote this article two weeks ago but after review, it still is applicable.   What really concerns me this season is that Mark Shapiro and Eric Wedge has really be telling the press and the fans 'untruths'.  The both said that who they keep on the roster this year will depend on how they perform, in Spring Training and in the season and not whether they have any options left or guaranteed contracts. That was not the truth.I am at the point where I am wondering if it comes down to preserving Shapiro's ego and not letting unwisely spent dollars walk.First, Andy Marte was kept because Shapiro is still trying to prove that his Coco Crisp/Marte trade was not a horrible trade for the Tribe. Marte performed poorly the last two years with the Tribe and at Buffalo, came in this spring in 'dissapointly poor shape' according Wedge, performed poorly this spring with the exception of a few home runs, his fielding was pathetic.  He can really only play third base but he makes the team as a utility man.  Remember last season, Marte was given the starting job at third base and Ryan Garko almost didn't make the team.   Was Marte playing 'asleep at the wheel' this spring to make sure that the Tribe released him so he could play for another team. He is smart enough to realize that he is not going to get very many at bats with Wedge's buddy Casey Blake around. And even Marte knows that he is not a 'utility player'.Even though I think that he will do fine, Jeremy Carroll had the utility spot sewn up regardless of what Josh Barfield or Andy Gonzalez did. Not base on performance but because he was signed as a free agent. Barfield was doomed for Triple A and Buffalo regardless of what he or anyone else did on the field.David Dellucci and Jason Michaels were given they left field platoon before spring and again, regardless of performance, Francisco or anyone else was destined for Buffalo. There a few teams out there that would take Michaels off our hands as a fourth outfielder but no team is desperate enough to take Dellucci and his $7.75 Million salary that we owe him off our hands.Most knowledgeable baseball fans would much prefer a platoon of Ben Francisco and Shin-Shoo Choo rather than the Dellucci/Michaels platoon, and it comes considerably cheaper too. Don't forget, we have Blake and Carroll who can fill in the outfield if needed. In addition, there are many outfielders out there available that are as good as or better than Dellucci/Michaels if the young guys would falter.Choo, when he is finally activated in late May will be released unless there are injuries to the outfield. The Tribe brass is adamant that they will try to prove that signing Dellucci and Michaels was not a mistake.In spite of all of those wrong decisions, the Tribe may be able to overcome them, just like the large number of poor decisions that were made last season. Injuries, not ability or superior talent evaluation, enabled the Tribe to be bring up players who would not have been given a chance otherwise. And it was not a shock to many of us that they performed well when finally given a chance.If the brain trust of the Indians try to force feed us Dellucci, Michaels and Marte like they tried to force things in 2006, I can see the same type of frustrating season as 2006.  Well, it is starting to look a lot like 2006.  

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