With the 4th Pick, Oakland Selects... I Just Hope It Isn't Darren McFadden

Darkside KesslerCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

The draft is coming up quick.  We have 5 days left till NFL fans can start thinking about Fantasy Football, and make predictions about how well their team will do.  The Draft signifies the beginning of the 2008 NFL Season.  So here we go.


I am a huge Raider fan.  I have been a member of the Raider Nation for as long as I can remember.  As members of the Raider Nation, we get to speculate on who our owner will decide to pick in the draft, since he is very tight lipped about his selection.  Many of my fellow citizens may disagree with me here, but I hope to god we pass on Darren McFadden.  There are three main reasons why.


#1-Current RB's on Roster:

Let's start with Justin Fargas.  Over the years, since Fargas was selected by Oakland, he hasn't really turned any heads.  Maybe he worked out more, maybe it was the new zone blocking scheme, who knows, but something changed last year.  He got over 1000 yds in 9 starts.  What if he had started all season?  He could have possibly gained 1800 yds.  He has become a true threat in the NFL.  He has explosive speed, he has great vision and he has the ability to get those hard yards.  Maybe he just needed someone (Kiff) to believe in him.  


Next on the list is Michael Bush.  He was cleared by doctors midway through last season.  That was 14 months after his injury.  From that point, he had an additional 10 months before he will get his first chance to prove himself.  That is 2 full years to rehab that leg.  The leg will be fine.  The question here is, "Has he lost anything off his game after being gone for two years?"  I believe the answer is no.  This guy dropped from a top prospect to the 4th round because of that injury and I believe he has something to prove.  Not just to the Raider Nation or the NFL, but to himself.  He wants to be that guy that should have gone in the top ten.  Enough about that, let's talk about what he will bring to the table.  The guy is around 6'4" and 240lbs.  He is the size of Brandon Jacobs, but with better speed and agility.  He will be a monster inside, but he will gain plenty going to the corner.  The tandem of Fargas and Bush should give any opposing Dline & LB core nightmares.  Why, because no matter who is in, you will not be able to guess the play.  Fargas has better speed, but his ability in between the tackles is top notch, and Bush's size and strength make him a better up the gut runner, but if he gets around the corner, he's gone.  Any play, any formation, either RB.  I like that.


Here is where we have a bit of a question.  Rhodes or Jordan?  There has been a lot of speculation that one of these two will be gone next season.  Let's look at what they bring to the table.  Jordan, in his first season as a Raider gained over 1000 yds as a rusher and was only 6 receptions behind team leader Jerry Porter who had 76.  The guy was great, however, he had to sit his final two games due to injury and he hasn't been able to keep himself healthy since.  his stats continue to decline as well as his ability.  Now Rhodes, he may not be great, but he gained over 120 yds in his SB appearance with the Colts and scored a TD.  he stays healthy he loves to play, and I feel he can still make a huge impact, and he would be our #3.  I pick Rhodes whether Jordan is still a Raider or not.


#2-The Reggie Bush Experiment:

I don't know how many people I told that when Reggie gets into the NFL, he will not be as good.  Everyone expected to see the Reggie that played for a National Title against Vince Young, and man was that an exciting game.  RB is one of the easiest transitions from college to pros, but Reggie just didn't have the strength.  He is fast and agile, but in the NFL so are lineman.  You cannot rely on your speed to get you around the corner.  What happens when you get there and someone from your enemy is there, you turn around and run the other way, in college that works because a lot of college players don't stay disciplined and cover their assignments, those mistakes happen far less in the NFL.  So when Reggie would turn to run the other way, the enemy was still there.  I expect much of the same with D Mac.  He will grow and get stronger someday, but we need to win right now. 


And Finally #3-Lineman, Lineman, Lineman:

What does Oakland need?  Just look up.  Oline, Dline, it doesn't matter we need both.  We need to stop the run and we need to keep J Russ on his feet.  There are many good lineman that we will have the chance at getting, but my hope is Chris Long.  This kid grew up standing on the sidelines with many of the Silver and Black greats.  He was born and bred a RAIDER.  There is no other person I want more in this draft than THE SON OF HOWIE.


What are your thoughts?