I Have Felt Like "God"! Have You?!

Kr.Abhimanyu VINAY RAJPUT Analyst IJune 1, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 26:  Kaka (C) of Milan celebrates scoring his second goal with Filippo Inzaghi (R) during the Serie A match between AC Milan and US Citta di Palermo at the San Siro Stadium on April 26, 2009 in Milan,Italy.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

"There's a God in all of us".

Do you agree?

You would probably disagree with this especially if you're an atheist.

But I feel a God inside me.

There's this human and God part fluxed in me by some superficial combination of glue called flesh, blood, and bones.


How have I felt it?

When I achieve something impossible (standards that are not achievable by my efforts).

However the "God" part is most felt by me when I score a goal in any game of football.

Not an impossible task but quite an exhilarating experience, equivalent to the feeling of "God" like.

How does it happen?

I have some reasoning of my own.

The Human "Part"

We all are humans, there's no denying this fact.

A miracle of nature, a human body is the intricate and most magnificent combination of the soul and the body.

(Soul here refers to the little voice inside you, guiding you, questioning you and probing you all the time)

The human body is just like a machine that has to be worked upon (by exercising and practising), continuously cleansed (like bathing everyday), and needs to be supplied with energy everyday (by eating food).

But the human machine can be perfected.

The saying "Practice makes a man perfect" applies here to it.

The Human part (or machine) of me, takes to the field every time when I football.

In short the human body (or machine) plays football for me the way I want it to be played.

The body would help me in making runs, beat defenders and making an effort of shots on goal (all thanks to the legs).

But all the decision making is being instructed by the lil' voice.

The lil' voice inside me instructs the body to remember the practised runs, tricks to beat defenders and reviving those mindless shots on goals, and produce them again.

If all the efforts fall into place, the body remains a spectacle to a brilliant play and shot on goal.

For a moment the world stops and my eyes become witness to a sheer scintillating strike.

It takes a while before the display, witnessed by my eyes are converted to electrical impulses and zapped to my brain for interpreting "That's a goal, mate!".

Guess what happens next?

The God "Part"

The lil' voice (or soul) defines us.

Pure, untouchable and the most inexplicable form inside us, it expresses us and guides us.

It may take names for the human body that it represents but in its purest form, it remains the same since the existence of life.

Hence the lil' voice is actually the de facto conjunction with the God inside us.

The God part is revived by the lil' voice in me (after a moment of brilliance conjured by me), handing temporary control to express the true feeling called joy (as fellow humans express it).

It's such a misasmous and invulnerable feeling spreading through out my body (all thanks to an ever-reliant nervous system) like raging fire.

(This feeling is equivalent to the fact that you will jump off the roof with joy until you realize that you might hit the ground very hard)

The God part inside me wants to step out and express itself completely, but the lil' voice ends the complete control over there.

The message "I think that will do, mate" is the sign of God part vanishing until summoned again by my lil' voice.

The lil' voice however achieves in expressing a similar "God Joy" through body actions that fellow humans term it as "celebration".

My human "celebration" can be anything as to what my soul perceives from my God part.

In short, the feeling of God is expressed by my soul very fluently.

So I have felt like God, Have You?


Article dedicated to Josiah Herring.



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