Georgia Top 10 Draft Picks?

Matthew BurnsAnalyst IApril 19, 2008

Joshua Fields, pitching extraordinaire, closed the Dawgs' 6-3 victory over the Tigers. The save brought his tally to 34 for his career, both a Georgia and SEC record. His close came after another great outing for Trevor Holder.

As Fields' ERA remains at 0.0 and his flow continues to grow, we must ask the question: how high will this guy go in the draft? As the world becomes familiar with Gordon Beckham's striking features and manly, swift swing of the bat, Fields is climbing the draft boards as well.

So how high can these two superstars go? Top three rounds? First round? Top 10? As Beckham gathers mid-season POY honors and Fields' golden locks continue to flow, I'm starting to believe first round isn't out of the question. Hell, Top 10 even sounds about right. Then again, I'm a blogger, not a Yankees director of scouting.

Keep up the good work guys.